Short slow run

In keeping with my usual lacklustre approach to training, in preparation for the 15 mile xc race I have in two weeks, I don’t train for two weeks although I do have girlflu as an excuse which I was struck down with last Saturday after my little jaunt in the forest.

And after being ill for a week I go out for Tracey’s 30th birthday celebrations where I resolve not to drink. This resolution lasts until 7pm. Oops. I wake up on Saturday with a mega mega hangover and think oh shit, I lost my coat last night, it has my iPod in it, I can’t run without my iPod but then I think yay I can get an orange or pink one now and I look on Dixons’ website and they have iPods in purple and I think hurrah, I like purple and then I’m thinking maybe I should get a Nano because then I can get the Nike+ thing because I don’t think I have enough places to log my stats, I only have the SportTracks software, the Nokia Sportstracker website, the Buckeye website and Runlicious on Facebook and so I go into my bedroom to get dressed and I accidentally get back into bed and don’t wake up for four hours and I feel like shit and Tracey texts to say she has my coat and I don’t need to buy a new iPod after all but I am in no fit state to run anyway and I don’t even get dressed or leave the house and I buy my Lottery ticket online and it wins and I think hurrah, there are some virtues to being lazy after all and today I wake up early and I still feel like shit and I think I’m still a bit hungover from Friday and I’ve still got a sore throat and a cough but I need to train so I decide to do three miles over the marshes and I take my video iPod and my wireless headphones and on the way I post off my entry form for the Kent Coastal Marathon. A marathon? Eek. And I always said I’d never do a marathon. Oops.

And now I have two weeks off work, hurrah.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 32:36
Pace: 10:30 m/m
Calories: 282
iPods I thought I’d lost: 1
iPods actually lost: 0
Marathons entered: 1
Weeks off work: 2
Faith No More
Babes in Toyland
The Crescent
X Ray Spex

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