Geek wannabe

Surprisingly enough, I could still walk after my 14 miler on Monday so today I get up early and browse the internet for jobs and on the fourth page is MY DREAM JOB, a job for a geek, hurrah!  On an IT help desk and for proper money too.  But fuck, it’s on the fourth page and bound to have gone by now but I send my CV off to the agency anyway and also apply for a couple of other jobs too and then I grab my iPod and phone and head off for a short 6 miles and a mile later my phone rings and I think bollocks, that’ll be one of the agencies, do I stop and answer it or carry on? and so I carry on and three miles later my phone rings again and I think bollocks, that’ll be another agency and I think they can wait and I pass the slow bloke over the marshes who wears leg warmers and waves his arms around and we say morning to each other and I get home and there’s an email from an agency wanting me to go in and see them about a job I don’t want and I say ok, how about tomorrow at 11? and then my phone rings and I answer it and it’s another agency and they want me to go in today about a job I don’t want but I have to do lady of leisure type things this afternoon like go to the hairdressers and so I say how about tomorrow? and he says fine, how about 10? and I say yes and then I think bollocks, I’m supposed to be at the other agency at 11 and I’ll have to rearrange that one and I check my voicemail and hope the agency with the IT job has rung and the first message is from an agency I’ve already spoken to and the next message is from an old web design client who I decide not to call back as he’ll keep me on the phone for about three days and I thought he was getting his daughter to do his website for him now anyway? and then the next message is from the agency about the IT job and I ring him back and I say that’s my perfect job and he says looking at my CV he thinks I’m the perfect candidate for it and I say is it still available? and he says he’ll have to check with the client but he hopes so and I say I hope so too and I actually sound enthusiastic for the first time ever ever ever and now I’m going to spend the rest of the day crossing my fingers and toes that the job is still available and I can go and be a full time geek.

Distance: 6.37 miles
Time: 1:10:00
Pace: 10:59 m/m
Calories: 606
Jobs I don’t want applied for: 2
Geek jobs I do want applied for: 1
The Damned
The Horrors
Manic Street Preachers
Bobby Conn
Rolling Stones
The Shins
Stereo Total
Bikini Kill
Dirty Pretty Things


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