Little birdy

Thursday evening sees me at a pre-launch party for a new vegan restaurant in Shoreditch where there was a free bar.  Ouch.  I get up Friday morning still drunk and stagger into work, remembering to take a picture of this bird that lives round the corner from Liverpool Street station.

I sober up around lunchtime and am left with a vicious hangover, a hangover so bad it actually puts me off drinking that night.  However, this means that I wake up Saturday without a hangover and I look at the marathon schedule Bear sent me and I think it says that I have to do 15 miles today but as usual his schedule confuses me but anyway I think  bollocks to doing 15 miles and decide to go out for maybe 10 as I’ve been a bit of a slacker recently although not as slack as some people but I think I need to build my mileage back up slowly and I do 9 miles round the marshes and I upload my stats and I look at the last few months’ runs and I’ve only once this year managed to do three runs in a week and I think that’s going to have to change when I start training for the marathon in September which is only five months away.  Eek.

Distance: 9.22 miles
Time: 1:40:36
Pace: 10:55 m/m
Calories: 877
New vegan restaurants: 1
Free bars: 1
Little birdies living in the City: 1

Rollins Band
Beastie Boys
Young Knives
Five Iron Frenzy
The Doors
Babes In Toyland
Graham Coxon
Bobby Conn
Plain White Ts


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