A run before work

Because I’m off out drinking in my homeland tonight and therefore can’t do a running commute, last night I decide that today I’ll get up early and go for a run before work and my sub-conscious decides to remind me by waking me up at 5:30 and so I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:30 and think if I can be out by 7, I’ll be back by 7:30 and that still gives me an hour and three quarters before I have to leave for work, hurrah. But I manage to find enough things to do to stop me leaving until 7:20 and I go round the corner to sit on the wall and wait for my Garmin to get a signal but THE WALL IS GONE. Where’s the wall gone? In place of the wall is two raised concrete things with a cycle path in the middle. Who the fuck cares about cyclists? I want my waiting-for-a-Garmin-signal-wall back and so I stand on the corner of the road looking weird and a man walks past me and gives me a strange look and then I’m on my way and I go over the footbridge and I’m wondering how long it’s been since I was over the marshes because the bushes and weeds and stuff need cutting back and a cyclist comes round the corner and I jump two feet in the air and he stops and I say sorry even though I’m not in the wrong but neither was he but let’s play nicely and I carry on and there’s a girl running in a weird way and she’s wearing a big woolly jumper and then she starts walking and I overtake her and I’m thinking she let me overtake on purpose so I have to go through the bridge first and then if she hears any bloodcurdling screams she’ll know not to go through the bridge but I get through the bridge without any reason to scream bloodcurdlingly and there’s a man with four dogs and he tells one of the dogs to get out of my way but the dog is more interested in sniffing something interesting on the verge and completely ignores the man and I go through them and get home and I still haven’t managed my three mile marshes route in 30 minutes but it’s faster than I’ve done for a while so yay.

Distance: 3.03 miles
Time: 31:18
10:20 m/m
Calories: 304
New cycle paths: 1
Cyclists nearly running me over: 1
Women wearing woolly jumpers: 1
Dogs ignoring their owners: 1
30 minute marshes: 0
Sonic Youth
The Mission
Sisters of Mercy
Modest Mouse


  • 🙂 gotta love running early… Nice prep for Juneathon.

  • Waiting-for-a-Garmin-signal-wall: – 1

  • You are just haemorrhaging blog posts at the moment, you must be on form. At this rate you’ll easily hit the 100m target.

    I’m supporting cyclists round the marshes, is there a campaign I can sign up to? Maybe a pro Walthamstow cyclists facebook group?

  • how is your challenge going jogblog? is there a way for us to follow your progress? the widget doesn’t show your milage does it? or am I totally blind?? good luck with it….and if you need motivation, ask me….and I’ll ask around 🙂

  • You need to petition your council to build more Garmin walls – a new planning class.

    Now as for cyclists ….ah well

  • The challenge starts tomorrow, me and Warriorwoman are simultaneously (or should that be concurrently?) doing our challenges for extra motivation. Her challenge is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than mine though. No the widget doesn’t show the mileage, I think I’ll have to do my own counter on the side or something.

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