Walkathon day 4

Unlike yesterday, when it pissed down constantly, today is a beautiful sunny day and I take my unemployed pikey self round the marshes and think to myself, this is far better than sitting in a windowless office in the City being frozen to death by the air conditioning.

And as today’s run is going to be a leisurely affair, I stop to see what the sign about cyclists on the boardwalk says

and it says the boardwalk is for pedestrians and cyclists can piss off. Yay.

Then across the river I see something being built and I wonder if it’s affordable housing and can I get one seeing as I’m unemployed now and then I can rent it out and live on the rental income and not bother getting a proper job.

And then a cute bloke with a dog comes over the bridge and I wonder if he’ll marry me and let me spend my days not working but taking pictures of building sites instead and I decide probably not and maybe I’ll have to go and get one of those job things and then an ironman runs past me and I know he’s an ironman because he has the ironman tattoo on the back of his calf and I think it would look better on his ankle but apparently you’re not supposed to call them tattoos although I wasn’t told what you’re supposed to call them instead as it looked like a tattoo to me and then I get to the filterbeds and there’s a lock on the gate

so I have to take the path along the river instead

and then I see some lilypads

and I wonder if there’s any frogs as I like frogs but I can’t see any frogs so I continue on my way and try to get over the disappointment of not seeing any frogs and then I get to the bit of the marshes where there’s going to be a half marathon

and it’s going to comprise of six laps or something and I think SIX LAPS ROUND THE FIELD? Fuck that, I would lose the will to live after a lap and a half and it looks like it’s all going to be on grass and I don’t like running on grass unless they’re going to take in the foresty bit too and then I see a tower block

and I think fuck off tower block, you’re spoiling my view, but what do I expect? I’m in Hackney and Hackney is the home of the council estate and then I get to a bridge I’ve never been over before

so I go over the bridge I’ve never been over before but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere so I go back over the bridge I’ve never been over before which is now the bridge I’ve been over twice and there’s a sign saying no fishing

and there’s a fine of £2,500. £2,500? Blimey, would be cheaper to go to the chippy I would imagine, not that I would know how much fish costs in the chippy and people shouldn’t be fishing anyway. Poor little fishes.

And then I’m back at the stables

and a horse comes over to see me

and then my phone tells me it’s run out of memory and so I can’t take any more photos so I think I might as well go home then.

Distance: 6.51 miles
Time: 1:44:29 minutes
Pace: 16:04
Calories: 477
Sunny days: 1
Cyclists not allowed on the boardwalk: all of them
Building sites: 1
Cute men with dogs: 1
Ironmen: 1
Locks: 1
Lilypads: lots
Frogs: 0
Towerblocks: 1
New bridges: 1
No fishing signs: 1
Phones running out of memory: 1
Juneathons completed: 4/4
The Secret Machines
The Levellers
The Beatles
Stereo Total
Young Knives
Plain White Ts
Dexys Midnight Runners
Miles completed so far
32.94 out of 100 / 21 days left


  • Nice photo journal.

    On days like these having the leisure to be outside is just the best thing.

    But anyway good luck in finding something better. I’m sure you will.

  • Thanks, I’ve stopped sulking and am feeling quite positive now.

  • Lucky you with such nice scenerary to plod around; the best I have is Tooting common, full of hoodies and trainlines. Although it does also have lots of pooches 🙂

  • Ilike to count

    Must be nice to be a girl. Men need a dog or a destination to go for a walk, let alone take photos. Seems a pleasant thing to do. But I can’t lock a dog up all day and I rarely have a destination, so that’s that. Thanks for the photos and the insight into what it might be like. Having said that, I am weird. Could I use that as an excuse and go Juneathon strolling?

  • I just stopped by on my way through the other XT Wings Challenge runners’ blogs and really enjoyed your writing and the impressions of your running area. Looks a little bit like the routes I usually run here in the south of Berlin. Although, the last weeks I haven’t seen much of that green fields, because my Challenge (the letter-run) turned me into a street runner 😉

  • Your Juneathon mileage is rocketing!

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