New shoes on Thursday

Yesterday in the post came a letter from the crooks offering me a decent amount of compensation, so like any self-respecting money grabbing whore, I decide to take the money and run and I book a flight to Cornwall so I can go and visit Emily in a couple of weeks, yay.

And after I’ve finished getting letters from crooks and booking flights to Cornwall, I sit up late drinking, watching Lost and ringing people to laugh at them for being over 40 tomorrow and therefore officially old, I get up too late for the yogalates class I’d planned on going to at the gym.  Still, because I am not a wuss and because it’s still the month of June and therefore Juneathon must be done and also because it’s not the 24th yet and I still need to clock up 100 miles, I decide to run to the gym.

Because I’ve decided to ditch the Nike+ Sportband due to it being a worthless piece of crap, I put on my new shoes

although my new shoes are trail shoes and I can’t remember there being any trails between my house and the gym and they’re not very comfy but they get me to the gym in a weedy run/walk kind of way and I get to the gym and do 20 minutes on the rowing machine and go to do 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer but wimp out after 1k and then manage a feeble 2k on the bike and then I walk home and it’s 2:15 and I think where did the day go?

Distance: 2.07 miles
Time: 29:28 minutes
Pace: 14:15
Calories: 165
Letters from crooks: 1
Flights booked to Cornwall: 1
Runs to gym: 1
Walks back from gym: 1
Feeble efforts in the gym: 1
Juneathons completed: 5/5
The Beatles
Young Knives
Plain White Ts
Manic Street Preachers
Mark Ronson
The Cure
Sisters of Mercy
Miles completed so far
35.01 out of 100 / 20 days left


  • Presumably the nike sport band is no good – even if I get the software installed???

  • I tried to calibrate it but it’s still way out. Telling me I’ve done 7 miles, when I’ve only done 6 is no use to me. And if you read Warriorwoman’s blog, you’ll see that the screen died after she ran with it in the rain. Crap.

  • Mine was the other way around 🙂 Glad I didn’t buy one.

    Glad you’re getting some wedge for being treated like a tw@t – Not fair I want to go to Cornwall.

    Nice FREE shoes – I could do with a FREE digital SLR if anyone from Canon is reading.

  • The 100 mile challenge is being impressively paced. One third of time gone a bit over one third of distance. it looks as if it is being carefully planned.

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