Return to the rat race

Yesterday I had a brainwave and thought to myself, aah, I used to work at home editing transcripts of live court hearings, I can do that again and so I email the company who gave me the work and said oi, gizza job, and my old boss phones and says yes, we should be able to give you enough work, come and see me tomorrow to have a chat and so I go to see him and I know where it is because they are in the building that I have just spent three years working in before I went to work for the crooks but I won’t bump into any ex-workmates as they celebrated my departure by moving into a swanky new office two days after I left but I get down the corridor and the building receptionist says Cathy, have you come to see me? and I say of course, how are you? and he asks me how the new office is and I say I don’t work for them any more but I don’t bother telling him about the crooks and I say do you want me to sign in? and he says no, just go up, you know where it is? and I say yes and I go up and speak to the man about the job and he says he should be able to pretty much keep me in full-time work if I want it and definitely until the end of July and I think that’s pretty cool, I’ll do that until then and then I’ll have August off and sunbathe or something and he says can I come in and work in the office for three days next week and I say yes, that’s fine and I go home and have emailed to me the software I need to set me up and while I’m on the phone getting set up I’m asked if I can work now.  What, like right now?!!!  Yes.  Bollocks.  I say yes, that’s fine and so I spend the afternoon working and then I get an email asking if I can work all next week and I think oh noooooooooooooooooooo, I liked the three days idea but I don’t want to look unwilling so I email back and say  yes, that’s fine, see you on Monday.


And in case you’re wondering what this has to do with Juneathon, I walked from Liverpool Street instead of getting the tube.  It counts.

Miles walked: 3
New jobs: 1
Days left of being an unemployed pikey: 0
Juneathons completed: 6/6


  • If your poxy walking counts then surely my wii running course double counts?

    You’ll be lucky if you think you’ll be able to sunbathe in August, have you not heard of global warming? Floods, floods and more floods. By a lylo and bob along the marshes in your month off.

  • Poxy? But it’s for Juneathon, I’m not counting it towards the Salomon challenge.

    Well, if there’s no sunshine in August I’ll just have to carry on working.

  • LOL! you didn’t stay off work long – you’re crap at being on the dole.

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