Juneathon Day 9

I rejoin the rat race and go to work for 10 as they want me in the office this week instead of working at home but nothing happens ’til 11 and it goes on for ever and ever and I don’t finish until 7 and I say to boss man I can’t work this late every day and especially not in the office as this is a drop in salary and I’ll be spending loads on travel and it wouldn’t be so bad working late if I’m at home and he says it shouldn’t be this late usually, it should only be until about 5:30 and he says what do I want to do and I say can I work at home at least part of the time and he says can I work in the office this week and he had thought that there’d be other things I could do and he knows I do web design and he thought I could do their site and be paid privately for it and I don’t tell him I don’t do web design anymore and he says can I at least do tomorrow and Wednesday and talk to him about it then and I say ok and I was going to go to the gym after work and do a mile on the treadmill for the Salomon Challenge but it’s 7:18 and I’d get home really really late if I did that and so I walk to Liverpool Street for Juneathon and then there’s no trains so I get the Central  Line and walk two miles home for even extra Juneathon and I hope I get out earlier tomorrow because I’m supposed to be going out and I hope I get out earlier on Wednesday as I have my evening class and I hope I get out earlier on Thursday because I’ve got a race and this working malarkey is interfering with my life and maybe I should just go and ask for my old job back although not being around solicitors was very nice today.

Miles walked: 5
Jobs finishing late: 1
Solicitors: 0
Juneathons completed: 9/9


  • I hope things work out for you. It is a real bugger getting that balance between finding a supply ofmoney and living your own life.

  • Gotta love work 😉 hope it settles down…

  • Thanks for the comment on my 100 mile May. I hope you make your goal as well. I love your writing style and all the photo’s of the english countryside, just beautiful! I’d take more pictures on my runs but most of them are at 5am and probably wouldn’t show much… Good luck with the new job, with the cost of petrol I can see why you want to work at home!

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