Who ate all the pies?

I had planned on going to the gym today but then remembered that because my cunning plan yesterday of leaving early before going out for pizza and beer so I could go to a) the bank to pay in a cheque; b) buy a birthday card for my mum, thus preventing me being cut out of her will; and c) go to Currys to buy some new headphones was scuppered due to a) there being no deposit envelopes in the cashpoint; b) the card shops being shut; and c) Currys being shut so I had to do a), b) and c) today instead and the gym is two miles in the opposite direction and after I’ve done a), b) and c), I do d) go to Sainsburys and I get home and make some pesto, sun-dried tomato and pine nut bread and have a Linda McCartney Deep Country Pie for lunch and then I’m thinking oh no, I really should go and do at least a mile because a) it’s Juneathon; and b) I’m still on my Salomon 100 Mile Challenge and so I go to the park to do a mile but after about 100 yards I think the Linda McCartney Deep Country Pie is going to make a reappearance and I want to save myself for a long run tomorrow anyway so I cut my run short and go home and tomorrow I will redeem myself and also make my cat do some Juneathoning as while I was out last night it would appear that she stayed in and ate all the pies.

Distance: .45 miles
Time: 3:48
Pace: 8:26 m/m
Calories: 42
Laps of park: 1
Pies for lunch: 1
Cats eating all the pies: 1
Most feeble Juneathons in the world ever: 1
Juneathons completed: 14/17
Neneh Cherry
Primal Scream
Miles completed so far
67.90 out of 100 / 7 days left


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