All Niked up and somewhere to go

I dream Canary Wharf is burning down and I escape by boat and the boat’s heading in the direction of an iceberg and I wake up and try to get back to sleep as I want to see the iceberg as I don’t think you get many icebergs in the Docklands but I can’t get back to sleep so I get up and look out of the spare room window to see if Canary Wharf is still there but there’s a tree in the way so I think I’ll check on it when I go through the marshes and I get dressed in my new running kit which comprises a pink Nike t-shirt

three-quarter length Nike trousers

and some running socks

and all for the princely sum of about £20 and I think I’m getting good at being poor although I don’t have to be poor any more since I got my old job back and I get to the marshes and I can see the Gherkin but I can’t see Canary Wharf and I think ohhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe it really did burn down overnight but then I see it and I think hurrah, Canary Wharf hasn’t burnt down after all and I go round Springfield Park and there aren’t any God People in there today trying to give me magazines and I get to the bridge and there’s a piece of graffiti

although as it’s only one piece of graffiti, that would actually make it a graffito and I wonder what it means and it’s a question not a statement and I wonder if I’m running for my life and I decide I’m not and on the other side of a bridge is a ramp

and I think bloody hell, the amount of times I’ve crossed this bridge and I never noticed there was a ramp before and I get home and decide to go out shopping this afternoon to veganise my fridge in preparation for 1 July.

Today’s route


Distance: 3.88 miles
Time: 43:01
Pace: 11:05 m/m
Calories: 356
New running t-shirts: 1
New running trousers: 1
New pairs of running socks: 2
Canary Wharfs not burnt down: 1
Graffitos: 1
Ramps: 1
Veganised fridges: 1
Juneathons completed: 17/20
Manic Street Preachers
Soft Cell
Jeff Buckley
P J Harvey
Basement Jaxx
Ting Tings
Miles completed so far
83.01 out of 100 / 4 days left


  • so, vegan eh? does that mean no meat/fish/eggs/milk? only vegetables and seeds?
    I am glad canary warf is still there!
    how’s the weather up north? here it’s annoyingly hot!!! I cannot take the heat…I should move to alaska or something.
    nice kit 🙂

  • I don’t eat meat or fish anyway, so I just need to cut out dairy although it won’t be that easy as it’s hidden in so much stuff. There’s milk in Quorn for example. Plenty of things to eat; pasta, noodles, rice, quinoa, couscous, pulses, beans, bread, fruit and veg, etc. And if I can’t be bothered to cook, Linda McCartney Deep Country Pies are vegan so I can live on pie and chips for a month if need be.

    Weather here is cloudy with showers expected later. Next week looks nice though.

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