Juneathon Day 23

I get up bright and early and sing along to the Dandy Warhols while I’m doing the usual first thing in the morning stuff like make tea, empty the dishwasher and feed the cat and then I do my usual second thing in the morning stuff like stalk people on Facebook and then I suddenly can’t keep my eyes open and I go back to bed but I can’t sleep so I get up again and I feel sick and I think oh no, I can’t do my planned six miles and tomorrow I’ll have to do all 10.77 miles that’s needed to complete my challenge and I think can I manage three miles? and I reckon I probably can but then I’m feeling paranoid and don’t want to go over the marshes so I decide to just do .77 miles and then I’ve only got ten miles to do tomorrow and I go over the park and there’s a muslim woman with a dog and she stops to let me go past and then there’s a family taking up all the space on the path so I go around them and then I lap the muslim woman and she stops again with her dog and I think why does she keep stopping, there’s enough room for me to get past unlike the family who are taking up all the path and then there’s a girl running towards me and I remember how much I dislike people running in the opposite direction to me in the park so I cut through the middle of the park and have to go past the family taking up the whole path and I think there really isn’t enough room in the park for more than one person at a time and obviously the person with the highest priority should be me.

Distance: 1.13 miles
Time: 10:28
Pace: 9:16
Calories: 114
Muslims with dogs: 1
Families taking up the whole path: 1
Girls running in the opposite direction: 1
Juneathons completed: 19/23
The Damned
My Bloody Valentine
Miles completed so far
90.36 out of 100 / 1 day left

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