Slow six

Somehow I manage to let myself be talked into sitting in a car for 7 hours, a moving car at that, forgetting how I’m scared of cars/roads/traffic/everything and we go down to Cornwall to visit Emily and Michael and we stay in a B&B owned by the weirdest couple ever

and we spend the evening in the pub and get up the next day and it’s raining like you’ve never seen rain before and we go round Emily’s and she says they’ve been trying to think of stuff to do while it’s raining and I say we can go and see the donkeys and Emily says you want to see the donkeys in the rain? and I say yes, we are hardcore, we can cope with a bit of rain and Emily being the hostess with mostess indulges me and says in that case we’re going to see the donkeys but I must warn you they’re not always there and I say they will be there today, they must be and so we go out in the horizontal rain and wind and I’m trying to think up a new word for torrential but fail miserably and after a couple of miles we see the donkeys.  Hurrah.

And then Emily says do you want to see the sea and I say yes and she says it’s in the opposite direction and I’m thinking that I’m already wringing wet and trying to forget that Shaun was right when he said it wasn’t worth me straightening my hair before coming out and that it’d only get wet and I say yes, let’s see the sea and so we go and see the sea

and there’s a big rock thing

and some smaller rock things that we have to climb over

and I’m glad I’ve got my new walking up mountain boots on and on the way back we see some cows

and they’re weird cows who stare at you like they’ve never seen people before and we get back soaking wet and go back to our hotel to dry out and then go to the pub with the cute cat that was sleeping on the table until we turned up

and then the next day we have to go home but before we go we go and take a look at Land’s End

which is a really tacky place although there is a handy sign to tell you to beware of cliffs

in case you were too stupid to notice them

and we leave Land’s End after about ten minutes, not sure if we got our £3 parking fee’s worth but we have a long drive ahead of us which is made marginally better by the field full of invisible monkeys and today I’ve got the day off and I decide that I really really need to start training for the half in October and I go out to attempt a six miler and woo hoo, I manage to do it without stopping, hurrah.

Cornwall walk route

Distance: 6.38 miles
Time: 1:09:27
Pace: 10:53
Calories: 631
Donkeys: 2
Cows: loads
Weird B&B owners: 2
Fields full of invisible monkeys: 1


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