A JogBlog world record

Because I am an idiot, I get to the gym yesterday after work and realise I’ve forgotten my trainers and I think OH NO, BUT I HAD A CHOCOLATE BISCUIT AND NOW I’M GOING TO GET FAT AND IT WASN’T EVEN A NICE CHOCOLATE BISCUIT and so this morning I think I’d better go and burn some calories as although the scales are still showing me at 9st 2, the quicker they show me under 9st the better and as I’m running towards the footbridge I think this is scary obsessional behaviour and probably how anorexics start out and I think I have no plans to turn anorexic, at least not until after I’ve gone out for pizza tonight and I go past the stables and I can hear people behind me and I turn around and there’s a couple running behind me and I think well overtake me then and they don’t overtake me and I can hear their footsteps right behind me but then they do overtake me and I think hmm, actually, I don’t want you to overtake me and I wonder if I can catch them up but I don’t bother and they go through the bridge and I think wait for me, you can save me from any murderers under there and I wonder if they’ll be able to hear me gurgle if I get stabbed in the neck but I get through the bridge without being stabbed in the neck and the girl runs up the steep bit and I think if she can run up the steep bit then so can I and I’m wondering if I’m going to have to follow them all the way home but they turn off towards the marina and I’m going down the boring bit and a dark grey beetle comes past and I think it must be the same dark grey beetle that came past me last week as surely there aren’t two people in Walthamstow so boring that they would buy a dark grey beetle when you can get cool yellow ones instead

Yellow Beetle

which is the only car ever ever ever that would tempt me to learn to drive although if I’m as successful at driving a car as I was riding a motorbike it’s probably a better idea to stick to walking everywhere and I get home and fuck me, I’ve done the marshes in under 30 minutes for the first time ever ever ever.  YAY GO ME.

Splits 8 November 2008

Distance: 3:03 miles
Time: 29:13
Pace: 9:38 m/m
Calories: 288
Chocolate biscuits: 1
Dark grey beetles: 1
Marshes in under 30 minutes: 1
Jeff Buckley
Bobby Conn
The Who

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