Practising the art of hermitry

I don’t think I left the house on Tuesday, nor on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Day I only left the house because Shaun wanted to drag me round the marshes for three miles and I didn’t leave the house yesterday either.  Oops, well I’ve always quite fancied being a hermit.  Still, as far as I know, hermitry isn’t the best half-marathon training in the world and I look at my training schedule and tick off how many I’ve done in the last two weeks and the grand total is 3 out of 7 runs.  Oh.  I seem to have completed all the rest days though so it’s not all bad.  But I didn’t stay in last night and not drink for no reason so I get my new pink iPod Shuffle and take my hangover-free self out round the marshes for the four miles as prescribed by Mr Higdon.

And just as I’ve got round the corner the boring dark grey Beetle comes down the road and I think why do I see that same boring dark grey Beetle every time? and a woman with a dog says hello and I think that’s politer than the miserable gits on Christmas Day and then I get to the marshes and a runner goes past and says hello and then further up two more runners go past and say hello and then I get to the bridge at the marina and there’s a man with a dog on the other side of the gate and he waits for me to go through first and I say thank you and I wonder why everyone today is polite and friendly and maybe the people on Christmas Day were people who only ever go to the marshes on Christmas Day as a special treat for saddos or something and then I get to the bridge and there’s a woman at the end of it with a dog just standing there like people who stand at the gates at the tube so you can’t get through and she eventually moves and I go past the ice rink and the stables and I’m feeling paranoid but I go down the path anyway and up to the footbridge and I think maybe I should have gone back the way I came but I get over the footbridge without getting murdered and I look at my Garmin as it ticks over to 3 miles and I think fuck, that’s slower than I did on Christmas Day and a few days ago I decided to go raw vegan for January but I can’t find any decent blogs or websites on it and it all looks a bit difficult so I think I might just be the usual kind of vegan instead and at least then I can still have a pizza, albeit one without cheese.


Splits 27 December 2008

Distance: 4.14 miles
Time: 43:54 minutes
Pace: 10:36
Calories: 410
Days of hermitry: 4
Polite women with dogs:1
Polite runners: 3
Polite men with dogs: 1
Stupid women with dogs on bridges in my way: 1
Decent raw vegan websites: 0
Graham Coxon
Scissor Sisters
New Model Army
PJ Harvey


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