Beaten by a stick man

As is usual when I go to sleep before 11pm, I wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep although I must have done at one point as I dreamt I was a fit bloke, which was an unusual experience for me, what with me being an unfit woman and that and I get up at a reasonable hour as today’s schedule has me down for 3.5 miles and I decide to use my Garmin for more than just telling me how slowly I’m going and how far I haven’t gone and I set up the virtualGarmin 301 virtual partner partner to race me at 10 minute miles which I know I can do, it’s just that I usually don’t, and it’s a bit icy outside and bloody freezing and I’m thinking I should have put two tops on and my lips are numb and as I get to the marshes there’s a hardcore runner out in just a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts and I think brrrrrrrrrr and as I get up to to the marina a girl runs past and says morning then four cyclists come along and one of them says morning and although I don’t really approve of cyclists I decide to be polite and say morning back as I don’t want to give the impression runners are miserable although I’d like cyclists more if they didn’t give the impression that they like going through red lights and cycling on pavements and I’m still ahead of my little virtual partner that I’ve decided to call Cedric and I run up the bridge and skid along the top of it on the ice and I think whoops, and I get over the other side without falling over and I brush the ice off the sign that says something about the cows and it says that if you see the cows having any problems to tell a marshal and I think what kind of problems do cows have? and it says what make of cow they are and it also says they’ll be here until January and I think January? waa, it’s almost January now and it’s not fair and there’ll be no more cows until July and maybe not even then as this year they were late and didn’t arrive until mid-August I think and while I’ve been pissing around trying to think what problems cows have, Cedric’s overtaken me and I think oops and I try and catch him up but I’m feeling a bit feeble and as I get back to the stables I think someone’s behind me and I can see a shadow but it’s only my shadow and I think bloody hell, I really am scared of my own shadow and I scroll through the screens on my Garmin and it’s pretty cool as it shows me how far behind I am and how far I’ve got to go in minutes and feet and it gets to 35 minutes and tells me I’m a loser and I think fine, if Cedric’s that far ahead, he can put the kettle on and then I think, hang on, it’s not a real little man, it’s just a pretend one and he can’t really put the kettle on and I don’t know if the Garmin will carry on recording now the time’s up and I don’t want to run if the Garmin’s not recording it but I think it is as it’s showing me in minus time and I stop the clock and it tells me I’m 1:13 over time and I have been quite spectacularly beaten by the little stick man.  I’ll get him next time.


Distance: 3.56 miles
Time: 36:40 minutes
Pace: 10:18
Calories: 357
Virtual partners called Cedric: 1
Hardcore runners not wearing much: 1
Female runners saying hello: 1
Cyclists saying hello: 1
Cows with problems: 8
Cows leaving in January: 8
Stick men beating me: 1
The Jim Jones Revue
Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Twang


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