Name and shame: Slackers

Everyone likes lists, so here’s a list of slackers.  Obviously, there’s only one person who can go at the top of that list and that’s me.  So, in no particular order (actually, they’ll be alphabetic order, as I’m just going down my blogroll, picking on people), except for no. 1:

  1. Me (I’m not calling myself JogBlog, I don’t do the pretentious talk about yourself in the third person thing.  Um, except on my Facebook status.  Damn, just outed myself.  Must. Stop. Outing. Myself.)  I have been slack.  Very slack.  But my boiler was broken for 9 days and therefore I couldn’t shower and wash my hair after and that’s my excuse and it’s nothing to do with the fact that I was MONUMENTALLY PISSED OFF and found it more fun to sit next to a fan heater or three and drink wine and eat crisps and chocolate instead.
  2. Carl (aka Boris).  No sign of a blog post since 30 December.  Tut tut.  He also informs me that he’s probably not going to do Reading due to lack of training.  Triple tut.
  3. Running From 30.  Not a lot of activity going on on her blog either, although there was a confession of a lack of running.  Don’t you have a half to do at the end of March, Meg?  One beginning with R and ending in eading?
  4. Seaside Strider.  She appears to be making the excuse of having a bad back.  But I’m going to let her off as she’s married to Sore Limbs (see no. 5) and so deserves our sympathy.  Get well soon Eva.
  5. Sore Limbs.  He reckons he’s been doing the odd three or four miler so not completely fulfilling the definition of slacker but I just like picking on him.
  6. Strumming, running & drinking.  Emma, I think you need to take one of the words out of the title of your blog.
  7. The Red Bucket.  Phil’s excuse is that the gym is busy.  But he’s  not supposed to be in the gym, he’s supposed to be outside training for a half.
  8. Warriorwoman.  This should be at number one really (although obviously no one’s allowed to be at number one except me) as Angela’s excuse is that she’s too happy to run.  TOO HAPPY TO RUN?  I’ve heard it all now.

Still, although I seem to be surrounded by slackers, at least virtually, some of you out there have been very good with your training, i.e.

  1. iliketocount.  Keeping up with his marathon training.  And mince pie eating.  And measuring rain.  And all the other weird things he does.
  2. Fit Artist.  Also training for the  London Marathon and does most of her runs with a buggy.  Hardcore.
  3. More to Life  Than Weight.  Said to me “noooooooooooooo, I can’t do a half, no way, no way, no way”.  Is now powering through her training and putting me to shame.  Way to go, Leighsa.

But just remember you three, no one likes a smartarse.

Slackers: 8
Non-slackers: 3


  • Ha ha, that’s funny. Actually I did go for a run on Tuesday on the ice – I was surprised how many other runners were out. The only point I looked like falling over was when I got home a skated for a moment on my steps in front of my house.

    Nice jollying up though – let’s have everyone ready for Reading Half 😉

    …are we going for beers afterwards (it is my birthday after all).

    Anyway, on another note, where’s your ultimate power track list..?

  • Definitely go for a beer after, need you even ask?

    I have one song on my ultimate power track list. I discovered it today and will post it later.

  • MoreToLifeThanWeight

    Hey, I might be on that slackers list too if the weather doesn’t improve. I detest treadmills, so there’s not much running going on at the moment.

    Plan to start back on Monday hopefully. What about you? Boiler’s fixed now, so no excuse!

  • LOL !! Great post. I have a race tommorow and in the last 4 days i have been trying to sort of train for it after weeks of “slacking” 🙂 it’s like trying to cram before an important exam exept it doesn’t work for running.

  • Ok ok I’ll get by butt moving this week. It’s gonna have to be gym work initially. Gonna go for the lunchtime circuits again.

  • lol!!!

    I have been doing lots of the strumming and drinking bits, ’tis true, but I don’t have any real excuses for the running bit apart from, err, it’s been a bit nippy out, and the fields have been too muddy/too flooded/too frozen/too slippery/too much effort.

    But I promise I will run (and blog) next week, Miss.

    Oh, and is it a bad time to ask if I can come for the post-Reading drinks without doing the running bit? 😉

  • Course you can, will be great to have you along.

  • hey, how come i didn’t make the list! 🙂

  • I thought you must be injured or something, you’ve been so quiet, are you ok?

  • yes had an tendon problem – better now – will be back out there soon hopefully…. i’m scared how hard it’s gonna be!

  • It’ll be hard, but don’t let that put you off, hope to have you back with us soon!

  • Very good 🙂

    I think Highway Kind should be on the non-slackers list too, never slacks. Ever.

  • What a great blog. I only just discovered it whilst reading another persons running blog and they mentioned this one.

  • Ah Adele If only that was 100% true.

    I am pretty consistent but very soft – any bad weather and I stay on the treadmill.

  • Sorry HK, you don’t get out of the non-slackers list that way, going on the treadmill is definitely not slacking.

    And thanks and welcome to my blog, Virtual Runner.

  • Thanks for pointing out running bloggers that actually update. I followed a bunch recently so it doesn’t seem like i’m the only person in the world training, and to read about others’ persistence, training methods, nutrition, etc. What I got was something entirely different. I’ve never heard so much whining in my life. I’m starting to equate running bloggers with wimpy whiners who don’t even run, much less even like to run. These people (not pointing anyone out specifically) talk about how they reluctantly went on a 2 mile run, feel guilty for not running, feel guilty for gorging themselves with junk food, have trouble getting up the motivation for a run, etc.

    Try having a positive mental attitude, people! Like Deena Kastor in the movie “Spirit of the Marathon.” She fractured her foot while training but stayed optimistic and just trained hard in different ways. She didn’t complain and didn’t quit, and she came back to get 1st place in women’s. Where are the Deena Kastors of the blogosphere??

  • Actually Mike, we all train very hard. Honest. We just like moaning and we pretend we’re not training to make real slackers feel better about themselves.

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