Competition: Win a copy of “Veg: The Cookbook” by Gregg Wallace

Veg:  The Cookbook by Gregg WallaceI get contacted by a nice lady from Mitchell Beazley who asks me if I’d like copies of two books to give away on my Planet Veggie website.   FREEBIES?!!  Like she even needs to ask; just send me the freebies, and so I email the nice lady back and say yes please, send me the books and I will run a competition on my site and she sends me the books which are Veg: The Cookbook by Gregg Wallace and The Seasoned Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer and I think hmm, I’ve seen Masterchef and I don’t remember Gregg Wallace being a vegetarian and so I look at Veg: The Cookbook with some suspicion and it doesn’t say anything about being a vegetarian book on the front cover, nor on the back cover and neither on the inside front cover or inside back cover and so I flick through the book at the recipes  which all look very nice and are indexed by vegetable but then lo! my suspicions are confirmed when I see a recipe containing beef.  Eek.  And it says something about slicing up the dead cow and I drop the book like a hot potato although I’d rather have a hot potato than a dead cow and I email the nice lady and say I’m sorry but it’s not a vegetarian book and therefore I can’t give it away on Planet Veggie but I do have another blog where I allow meat-eaters to come and play and I can give the book away on there if that’s ok? and the nice lady emails me back and says yes, that’s fine and so I have three copies of Veg: The Cookbook to give away and I’ve been trying to think of a competition but failed miserably and so all you have to do to win one of three copies is to write a comment telling me why you should win the book and the three comments I like the best will win and I really hope that more than three people comment otherwise I’m going to look like a saddo.

Copies of non-vegetarian books to give away: 3
Copies of vegetarian books to give away when I get round to it: 3
Date competition ends: 28 February 2009


  • I should win because i am the first to post not only but first ever when this site was built.

  • No you weren’t, Joggerblogger was. Ner. Try again. More than one entry per household allowed.

  • I should surely win it as I’m a biffa who eats too much meat, not enough veg, and is ADDICTED to Masterchef. Surely competitions DO NOT GET TOUGHER THAN THIS.

    Also in marathon training and need some good recipes before I fade away.


  • Hmm, not bad. But what’s a biffa?

  • mmm, I should win as I like chopping stuff whether it be cow or carrot and besides you abused me in a previous post and I’ve only just noticed.

  • I’m not sure counter-abuse will win you a book but that is quite funny.

  • I should win because the great virtue of a book by Mr Wallace is that you don’t have to listen to him SHOUTING ALL THE TIME.
    Also, I can run faster than him, I like eating everything, especially cows, and the closing date is the day after my birthday.

  • Ooh ooh ooh, it’s a new person, hooray. And not only a new person, but a new person with GOOD REASONS (sorry for shouting) for winning the book. Any reason with a birthday in it has to be a good reason. This doesn’t mean you’ve won one though. Although you did mention cows.

  • I think I should win because I’m running a special experiment this month; I’m shopping only at Farm Shops. Problem is, I haven’t got any nice recipes to make with all my fresh, locally-sourced random veg and am therefore increasingly tempted by Sainsbury’s ready meals!

  • Hmm, I don’t know, I think people who do these silly random monthly challenges are weird. I would never do a monthly challenge. Never. Ever. Oh no.

    (I am currently failing my latest monthly challenge which is to survive on £50 a week, I should have made it the survive on £50 a day challenge…)

  • Why, thank you JogBlog, I have long admired your blog. Though now exiled to Sussex, I used to run round your part of London, and it is a great pleasure to read about your peregrinations.
    And your stats are always a joy.

  • See people, this is how to do it. Take a leaf out of Mr Roper’s book. Grovelling, compliments and words I don’t understand.

    (I also take bribes)

  • I should just win!

  • Succinct is also good.

    I’m still waiting for the bribes though.

  • A “biffa” is a fat bint who likes her grub. Come on – you know I deserve it…quoting Master Chef and everything.

    ps I was raised by vegetarians. (Does that help?)

  • Why are there no 24-hour Farm Shops?
    And why don’t they do a value range?
    And why shouldn’t I eat Peruvian strawberries?

    You see – I’m pretty close to crossing the border of any shop with ‘— Metro’, ‘— Local’ or ‘Simply —‘ in the title and sampling their battery-farmed chicken. Only you can stop this.

  • I really really want to win the book because:-

    1- I am a HUGE fan of Gregg
    2- I love cook books and I DO actually follow the recipies!
    3- The closing date is on my birthday…..and it’s my 40th!!!

    Not very funny or clever, but I hope it’s a winner :O)

  • I love this man so much and want to be a winner for a change!!!

  • Oh Gilly, you nearly got me there. The closing date is on your birthday and I’m a huge fan of birthdays and it’s also your 40th and I’m a huge fan of BIG birthdays and my next birthday will also be my 40th so I feel an even closer bond.


    You spelt recipes wrong.


  • I want to find new and interesting ways to cook veg

  • Please forgive me … didn’t know it was a spelling test!!!

    HAPPY nearly 40th BIRTHDAY x x

  • I’m NOT nearly 40. I’ve got over 10 months left of being 30-something. Bah.

    (You’re right though, it’s not a spelling test. I will do 100 lines: “I will stop being such a pedant”)

    (No I won’t. I like being a pedant)

  • Veg Veg juicy Veg, so close to my heart..
    A dedicated VEGetarian, i eat veg in many different ways.
    Fry broccli with a little soy and honey, roast some beautiful butternut squash, peppers and onions in a little wine, roasted vine tomatoes so juicy and divine.

    Your book will be used and used and shared with friends and family. Please share your book with me so that i can explore veg more, learn and share and most of all, enjoy the delicious recipes!

  • I need to win this, I need to eat more healthier, meaning VEG, and I need to be able to cook it and cook things with it

  • I need to win this as my wife always tells me I’m a hell of a “Funghi” when in comes to cooking.

  • Help me, I’m close to the edge
    Only me in the family likes veg
    With this book I’ll convince
    There’s life beyond mince
    And this I solemnly pledge

  • Stephanie Llewellyn

    Please let me win cos’ I love to eat my greens

  • I have just dug out 2 vegetable patches in my garden
    to grow my own veg this year.
    It would be nice to know different ways to cook it.

  • I would love to win this for myself as I eat enything, so I’m sure there would be lots of great recipes I would love. However, I would really, really like to win this for my 2 little daughters, who are very happy to eat cows, chickens, pasta etc., but don’t seem quite so keen on vegetables! A whole book devoted to recipes with veg would surely include some delicious ideas that even they couldn’t resist!

    They also love to read books. This book looks a particularly nice one, so perhaps I could persuade them to sit and look through it with me and choose some recipes – or maybe that’s just me being a bit hopeful!!

  • Where do I start? One year old vegetable plot producing plenty – so need more recipes. Increasing number of veggie friends – so need more recipes. Glut of cabbages – definitely need more ideas for cooking them!

  • I have never been a veggie but I have made two recipes off your Plant Veggie blog in the past couple of weeks and both were delicious and stopped me eating meat on those particular days and I still have half the spicy parsnip soup in the fridge so I may not eat meat again today so think of all the cows I’m saving and how many more cows I’d save if I had more veggie recipes? And doesn’t it make you out of breath typing like this all the time (maybe if I went for a run a bit more often I would be a bit fitter and wouldn’t get out of breath so much).

  • I think I should win because my entire run yesterday was building up to my haggis when I got home and if anyone needs more help to eat more veg and less meat, it’s me right?!?

  • With mostly veg I like to cook,
    but I don’t have a good cookbook.
    Gregg has no hair on his head,
    but you can tell, he’s been well fed.
    He’s a man who knows his stuff,
    Hope his book isn’t duff.

  • I should win because i dont eat many vegetables, need to start and have no idea how to go about cooking them.

  • I think I should win, I really don’t like eating veggies, fruits are good but veggies just don’t do it for me. I know meat is bad for me (and the animal too) so give me this book, help me learn to like veggies, please?

  • I should win ‘cos I likes me food

  • I should win because my partner runs a fruit and veg stall, and keeps bringing home veg that i have no idea what to do with!

    Would be good to be able to actually make something nice for us to eat with the things he brings me.

  • Hello! I’d like to win this please as I find vegetables confusing. Last week I was bitten by an artichoke, and then a cauliflower told me a riddle. ‘What is the only vegetable that will make you cry?’ ‘ALL OF THEM’ I shouted.

    It’s becoming a traumatic experience for me now. I need to learn how to master the veg, to make it work for me rather than let it threaten me from the shelves at Sainsbury’s. I’m tired of the brassicas telling me that I’m their bitch now. But let me tell you a secret: I’m not as afraid of that as I am at getting scurvy.


  • I work with a bunch of vegetables.
    My boss is a complete vegetable!
    Also some of the rest of the management team are
    nuts, bananas and utter lemons!

  • I have decided that after almost a lifetime of being overweight, that the time has come to finally turn myself into a ‘hottie’. I am eating well, have begun to go to the gym, but although I love vegetables, I am stuck in a rut as to how to cook them as I am in a cycle of either roasting or steaming them. Please help me be more inventive and show me ways I never thought of, and help me fulfil my dream of becoming a size 12.

  • I should win as I love masterchef and I need some inspiration to start cooking proper food again and enjoy all the countless, gorgeous veggies around!

  • Tasty recipes set the mood, for me to produce fantastic food.
    They are convenient, nutritious, economical, delicious, family wishes, variety in dishes.
    This book deserves a standing its cracking ideas
    This excellent recipe book reveals how to cook some cracking meals

  • I should win because I am awful at cooking! Not to mention I could do with a bit of a healthier edge in my diet.

  • I should win because im stuck at home with the flu, which is partly caused by my pitiful immune system due to eating rubbish all of the time. I have lost 7lb in a week from this horrible bug and would like to carry on losing more by eating healthily!

  • I should win for three reasons:
    – I like bald men,
    – I like odd-looking vegetables
    – My partner has threatened to leave me (after 5 years together) unless I learn to cook anything other than rice.

  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I am hoping to find a nice new recipe to snag the man I love.

  • Hi
    I really think i should win this book because my husband is sometimes a bit of a turnip and I could do with finding out what i can do with him!

  • Welcome and good luck to all the people who have come over from the Money Saving Forum!

  • I know i’m not allowed to win, but it’sgood to be the 50th comment on the blog, nonetheless. Some superb entries- I don’t envy you selecting some winners!
    Now, about the running…

  • Running? This is a running blog? I forgot. Oops.

  • i think i should win because
    a>i love your blog,it is the best ever,you are a gifted writer and a natural athlete
    b>i run around the marshes as well,
    c>im sad and like masterchef
    d>i run in the rain

  • Ooooh I would love to win this as I am a Mum to two fussy eaters (three if you include the hubby) and any ideas on how to pump more veggies into them would be most greatly welcome!

  • Can’t believe they gave you a non veggie cook book to give away on a vegetarian blog!

  • I would love to win this book as am on a mission to cook food from scratch and stop buying ready meals/processed stuff. Only problem is I only know how to cook about 5 things… not a problem so far but can imagine the kids and my partner getting bored pretty soon.

    PLUS… It’s my birthday on the 28th too I will be 32 and would like something more memorable than “I was born the year Elvis died” to shout about this year (not that I shouted about Elvis but have a sneaky feeling my Mum used to kinda blame me in that pleasure pain theory kind of way!!)

  • if i win i’ll stop eating meat 🙂

  • I should win because I’m 18 stone and could seriously benefit from eating more Veg!!

  • It’s ok, I don’t want the book, just wanted to say blimey, don’t people leap out of the woodwork when there’s something for nothing of offer?!

  • Just slightly! They’ve mostly come from a money saving forum someone linked to here from.

  • I don’t want this for myself but I nominate JoggerBlogger.

    He was the first person to comment on Planet Veggie, he inspired us through Junathon, and he might need some veggie comfort for not running.

  • Oooooooooooh noooooooooo, I got it all wrong. When Sore Limbs said he was first to comment on my blog, I thought he meant this blog and I said no you weren’t that was Joggerblogger, but he must have meant Planet Veggie as he was first to comment there and not Joggerblogger. I am stupid.

    Joggerblogger has inspired us through more than just Juneathon, he is a legend!

  • If I get a copy, I will make vegan versions of the recipes (I have a couple non-veggie cookbooks and that’s what I do with them). I figure any cook book about cooking with vegetables is a good reference.

  • Hi,

    I would love to win as my cooking could do with as much help as possible!

  • I should win because I am older than you…..just……but by a decade and because of that I’m desparately trying to keep skin/muscles/adipose tissue stuck to my bones

  • And although I can’t spell, I can read…

  • I should win because I just love cookery books.

    Also I’m not too keen on Gregg Wallace and John Torode on Masterchef and perhaps the book will make me like him a bit better.

    Anyway – because I deserve it !

  • I need to be more adventurous with veg!

  • I currently eat about 5 portions of veg a fornight rather than a day. I dont really like the taste of veg on its home, however if the taste was not as bland and look tasty I could improve my diet ten fold. It will allow me to taste veg that I would probably not consider. Also as both my brother in law is a vegetarian it would gain me bonus points when holding dinner parties as I generally just order him stuff in from the chinese take away :-(.

  • I like my veg books without meat recipes, but 68 comments… I just wanted to join in…

  • I would love to win this as I have a 9 year old son who hates veg so would be great to perhaps be able to cook some good recipes with him and hopefully make the veg more interesting so he will eat it.

  • I love veg and never have enough ideas how to cook them but I cannot give up meat altogether so this is the perfect book for me.

  • If I get a copy, I will make vegan versions of the recipes (I have a couple non-veggie cookbooks and that’s what I do with them). I figure any cook book about cooking with vegetables is a good reference.

  • I should win this because I never eat any fruit or veg but I would like to start. This would give me the inspiration I need to try and be a bit more healthy.

  • I should win becuase I need to be more healthy and don’t know how to prepapre veg as I was bought up with my father ( he can’t cook)

  • We are a veggie family in need of inspirado! We had a baby 6 months ago and are now starting to get our fitness back! I still want to run a marathon before I am 50!

  • I love vegetables and need some new inspiration…..something different to veg stir fry please!

  • My sister-in-law is a vegetarian and I know she would be extremely pleased with such a present!

  • I would love to win because I have a 14 year old vegetarian who is starting to get the odd pimple, bless her, so this would be brilliant for her skin and all our health. We love veggies, cauliflower in particular. I do have a thing for cauli… Possibly you’re now more likely to send the men in white coats.. but there we go. 😀

  • I love cookbooks. I read them at night after long days of trying to reason with angry people on the phone. They calm me down and give pleasant dreams of home made ratatouille. I’d like to win this book because it would suggest alternative vegetable dreams to my subconscious.

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