A lot of miles!

No, I didn’t run them all.  I ran – um, I correct myself – I trudged through 9 miles yesterday with my miraculous self-healing knee which was hurting so badly on Friday I was limping all day, but yesterday woke up like I’d dreamt it, not a twinge at all.  What cured it?  The cheese, mushroom and shallots omelette?  The Nutrageous bar?  The Deep Heat and stretchy bandage?  Who knows.  Still, nine miles sort of done.  Hooray.

Then today, Shaun announces he’s going to do 18 miles for his London Marathon training.  He further announces I’m going to accompany him on jelly baby duty on the mountain bike.  Hmm, ok, I think, how hard can it be, all I’ve got to do is sit there and pedal a bit sometimes.  FUCK ME HOW WINDY WAS IT?  It was proper windy.  Windy enough to necessitate the use of capital letters and the word ‘proper’ anyway.  Even windy enough to necessitate the use of the ‘C’ word by Shaun.  Oops, naughty.  And in front of a lady too.  (Yes, that’s me.  Before you ask.)

God, I was glad to get home.  To a cup of tea and some chocolate Hob Nobs and then a massive lunch.  Cooked by me.  Oh yes, I am a domestic goddess and finely tuned athlete rolled into one.  One what, I don’t know.

Running stats:
Distance: 9:05 miles
Time: 1:45:32
Pace: 11:40 m/m
Calories: 840
Cheese, mushroom and shallots omelettes: 1
Nutrageous bars: 1
Miraculously self-healing knees: 1

Cycling stats:
Distance: 17:42 miles (set off before the Garmin got a satellite)
Time: 2:31:08
Pace: 8:41 m/m
Calories: 612 (someone PLEASE tell me cycling burns off more calories than this?)
Use of capital letters: 1
Use of the ‘C’ word: 1
Cups of tea: 1
Chocolate Hob Nobs: 3
Massive lunches: 1
Domestic goddesses and finely tuned athletes rolled into one: 1


  • I’m glad you’ve got the stats for my 18, because I can’t get them onto the computer. Something’s gone wrong.
    Thanks for the assistance. Sorry about the swearing, but it was necessary. I hate the wind. How hard was that run? I thought the marshes would be nice.

  • The marshes were nice. It was the wind that was evil.

  • Well done to Shaun but 18 on o bike is nowhere near as hard as the 18 i did on a Canoe the other week. I am the winner.

  • “It was proper windy.” – best line in a blog this year awards 2009!

    Glad the knee is working, thanks for dropping over to the darkside of non running blogs. I miss running 🙁

  • Aw, I miss the Joggerblogger! Are you doing anything instead? (Except for your mega-talented drawings.)

  • I reckon 18 miles on the bike is pretty damn good! I did 16 km (what’s that? 10 miles or so??) on Saturday and not only did I nearly throw up in a field, I also crashed and fell off in an embarrassing way. And it wasn’t even windy!

    It’s all good crosstraining!

  • I did 3 miles on a bike last week and was saddle sore for two days, so am proper impressed with 18 miles ;o)

  • I bet we passed each other at some point! I was running all round that very same area from about 8.30 ish. Well done on getting out after your knee scare, good to hear these things do sometimes just heal as if by magic!

  • Nothing yet – hoping to get back to something when I stop being 100

  • yay you for being a support team – i couldn’t do it…I can’t be trusted with jelly babies

  • I’m not that good, if they had been vegetarian jelly babies they’d have been gone before we got out the door!

  • Your knee mends mysteriously. Shaun’s shin gets better as if by magic’

    My goodness it is now finely tuned athlete, domestic godess and healer all rolled into one

  • My knee has been a little sore so I tried your cheese, mushroom and shallots omelette remedy. It kept falling off – what did you use to make it stick?

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