Juneathon III roll call

Juneathon III

As you should know by now, this year’s Juneathon starts on Monday.

The original Juneathon was started by Joggerblogger‘s mate Preston, who wanted to get fit for his holiday or something.  His Juneathon lasted two days.  However, the hardcore Mr Joggerblogger carried it on in his absence and rallied up the troops (i.e. the rest of blogland) and now Juneathon is a yearly occurrence with JB at the helm.  Thanks JB.

So, a quick recap of the rules:

  • Run or exercise every day
  • Blog about it (if you don’t have a blog, join the Facebook group and post your efforts there)
  • Visit your fellow Juneathoner’s blogs and leave a comment in support (or call them a slacker)

That’s it.  Easy, huh?

And, in no particular order, here is a roll call of this year’s blogging Juneathoners.

Fit Artist
Seaside Strider
Sore Limbs
The Red Bucket
Running From 30
Emily & Michael
The Big Runner
Runner Susan
Running and Thinking
More To Life Than Weight
Strumming, Running & Drinking
Jo H
Hauling My Carcass
Eating Trees
Running From Myself
Tom Roper
The Virtual Runner
Running Matters
Sound mind, sound body
Travelling Hopefully
The Fat Runner
Top Secret Training Blog
Between the Miles
Running Betty
Hot Mama
Carl’s Get Fit Blog

If I’ve forgotten anyone, let me know.

Good luck, and no slacking!


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