Juneathon 2009 Day 4 Part 1

Tonight is the Crisis Square Mile Run which is a run to help the homeless and not just an excuse to run with your mates for half an hour or so and then go and get pissed and eat pizza, and which I’m going to be doing for the fourth time.  As I now live far far away just left of the middle of nowhere, the report will have to wait until tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can read the previous years’ reports here (which was my first ever race), here and here.

But because I am a dedicated and committed Juneathoner, and of course extremely hardcore, I took my trusty little steed out for a short spin.  Shorter than anticipated but a short spin nevertheless.

Once again, I am true to my hypocrisy (as ever so kindly pointed out by Emma) and cycle up the pavement but then I see an old lady walking towards me and there aren’t any more slopey bits that I can go down and go on the road and so I slow down and stop while the old lady passes me as I don’t want to run into her like I ran into the man the other day and I manage not to run the old lady over and then I go over a stone and I think oops, hope I don’t get another puncture like I did the very first time I took my bike out and I get to the turning and there’s a sign saying warning, hedge cutting taking place or something like that I look down and there’s a big hedge cutting thing taking up the whole of the road and I think how the fuck am I supposed to get past that? and I think I can’t and so I turn round and go back home and I cycle in the road and there’s a car wanting to turn into his driveway and I wonder if I should stop for it and let it go in but I don’t know anything about roads and so I carry on and then I hear something big about to overtake me and it’s a huge lorry and I think bollocks to this, I’m going back on the pavement but I see the old lady up ahead and I think she’s going to get really pissed off if I keep going past her on the pavement and so I stay on the road and get home without running over any old ladies.

Stats (cycling)
Distance: 0.96 miles
Time: 6:07
Speed: 9.4mph
Calories: 27
Hedge cutting things: 1
Huge lorries: 1
Old ladies run over: 0
Weight: 9st 3
Juneathon’s completed: 4/30


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