Juneathon 2009 Days 12 & 15 – I want to ride my bicycle

Gary had stayed over on Thursday night so we could all go to the Download festival together.  Shaun got up early and went for a Juneathon run and I decided to just do two miles on the bike and asked Gary if he wanted to Juneathon with me.  He said he wasn’t sure but after telling him it was compulsory as he was in the Juneathon house, he relented and said apparently riding a bike was hard to forget and I said yes, it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget so he got on one of Shaun’s mountain bikes and I got on my little Raleigh Shopper and Gary said are we going on the pavement or the road? and I said both and we cycled up the road, or at least I thought we cycled up the road, but it appeared that only I cycled up the road so I turned round and went back to see where Gary was and he said he was finding it difficult to balance after so many years and I said what happened to riding a bike being like riding a bike? and I went on ahead but when I got to the end of the road he was once again nowhere to be seen so I went back and he was wheeling the bike down the road and he said the pedals weren’t working properly and he’d see me back at the house and so I cycled home and told Shaun his bike wasn’t working and he went out to investigate and I said is Gary just being a wuss? and he said no, the chain’s come off and I think hmm, suspicious, Gary probably sabotaged the bike so he didn’t have to Juneathon.  Bad Gary.

Juneathon 2009 Day 15 – I still want to ride my bicycle

You may have noticed that there’s a gap in my Juneathon dates.  Is it because I’ve been too knackered to blog after Juneathoning my little heart out?  Nope.  It’s because I’ve been feeling a bit ropey and haven’t had any energy to do anything.  Except walk to the wine shop which I’m not sure I can count for Juneathon, especially as that was only a one way walk, after getting dropped off there in the car.

But today after getting up and still feeling ropey, a little while later I felt a bit more human and decided to go out on my bike to see if it energises me a bit.  And it did.  Although I was feeling very wobbly when I got back into the house, but Juneathoned I have, and Juneathon will continue.

Stats Juneathon day 12 (cycling)
Distance: 0.96 miles
Time: 9:04
Speed: 6.4mph
Calories: 37
Garys staying over: 1
Garys successfully Juneathoning: 0
Bikes with chains suspiciously coming off: 1
Juneathon’s completed: 12/30

Stats Juneathon day 15 (cycling)
Distance: 4.93 miles
Time: 30:37
Speed: 9.7mph
Calories: 146
Juneathon’s completed: 13/30

Juneathon week 2 stats (running, cycling, walking)
Distance: 48:03 miles
Time: 6:48:29
Calories: 2,166
Rowing machine
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 50 minutes
Calories: 80


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