The last day of Juneathon

As it’s the last day of Juneathon, it would be illegal not to run, or at least it should be and so I look at Hal Higdon’s half marathon training program to see if that gives me some motivation as I’m doing the Royal Parks Half in 15 weeks and the earlier I start training the better and the schedule does indeed give me some motivation, especially as it’s got days for strength training (Mon, Thu) which I can do with Shaun’s weights and days for cross-training (Wed, Sat), which I can do on my bike or rowing machine.  I might even fit some running in between, too (Tue, Thu and Sun, according to Hal).

I was sent a new running watch to try so I have a bit of a play with that before I leave the house but it seems very complicated and needs to know my stride length and stuff and I can’t even find out how to make it start recording and it’s supposed to beep when it’s ready and I haven’t heard it beep but I don’t really want to spend hours making it work so I decide just to leave it on it’s pre-programmed settings for now and see what it says and work out how to use it properly later and so I go out looking like a freak with a running watch on one wrist and my trusty old Garmin on the other and I pick up the garage key and think duh, I’m not going cycling, I’m going running and I must be cycling too much and so I swap the garage key for the back door key and I haven’t gone very far when I have to stop and walk past the mobile home that someone has not very helpfully parked on the pavement and I get to the proper countryside bit and there’s an old lady coming towards me with a dog and I’m about to move out of her way when she moves out of my way and she says morning and I say morning back and I get to the tree without stopping and go back the way I came and a petrol tanker or something is coming towards me and I have to stop but at least then I can get a bit of a breather and behind the petrol tanker or something is a car and I think I haven’t got all day to stand here and wait for cars to go past you know and after 1.5 miles I stop and I think NO, DON’T STOP, YOU LIGHTWEIGHT and so I keep on running and I get to the main road and I stop again and tell myself I can keep going, it’s not far now, only half a mile to go and there’s a car on the pavement and so I have to stop to walk round it and I get home and drag the two bins down the driveway back into the garden and wonder if I can get extra credit for moving bins and I’m sweating like I’ve just done a marathon or something but I suppose two miles for me at the mo is like a marathon, I’m so unfit.

And so that’s the end of Juneathon.  Well done to everyone who took part and a special thank you to Joggerblogger for coming up with the idea in the first place.  I’ll be naming the winners tomorrow, so if you have anyone you think is especially deserving of winning, let me know. 

Stats Juneathon day 30 (running)
Distance: 2.13 miles
Time: 23:43
Pace: 11:10 m/m
Calories: 186
Complicated new running watches: 1
Mobile homes on pavements: 1
Old ladies talking to me: 1
Petrol tankers or somethings: 1
Cars on pavements: 1
Bins taken in: 2
Juneathons completed: 26/30

Stats Juneathon day 30 (rowing)
Distance: 1.3 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Count: 1022
Calories: 66.6



  • sounds like a great wrap-up to the month! Learning that it is all about what happens in your head, not with your feet.

  • Well done JogBlog and everyone on all the Juneathoning.

    I’m going to have to break the law today I fear, due to family commitments, so I guess I won;t be winning any Juneathon prizes. But I’m glad I took part, especially as it helped me (along with the book you sent me, thank you) give up smoking (four weeks tomorrow).

  • IT was a challenge – especially the blogging part. And I did miss my weekly rest day : )
    WTG ! Time to party!

  • Well done on getting your running head back on.

    I hope that dark night of the soul has now passed and the up-coming half marathon is now firmly in your sights.

    Well done on keeping the whole Juneathon thing going

  • No credit for moving bins but well done on your run, now keep it going you can do it!

  • Good work on being the rallier in chief for Juneathon. I’ve not managed to catch up with everyone’s efforts, but I was genuinely impressed with IrunbecauseIlovefood, but then I am a bit biased I guess. Mornings are meant for waking up and drinking coffee, not doing sit-ups!

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