It’s that Webtogs man again.  This time he’s talking about marmots.  Marmot jackets this is, and not to be confused with small furry creatures or Marmite but after last time when he was talking about hedgehogs and no hedgehogs materialised in his video, I’m not holding my breath to see any cute furry creatures this time either.

This time he’s getting excited about a blue jacket (which clashes with his red t-shirt).  I know he’s excited because he says so.  And one of the reasons he’s so excited is because it only weighs 198g and he says if it was any lighter they probably wouldn’t be able to call it a jacket.  What would they call it then?  A penguin?  A non-jacket?  Hmm.

He then goes on to tell us about how waterproof and breathable it is and this is because it’s made from their own proprietory fabric, called membrane strata.  This probably means as much to you as it does to me.  Unless you work for Webtogs, then it’s probably all perfectly clear.

Now he proceeds to go through and describe the rest of the jacket (and remember, if it weighed any less than its 198g, you wouldn’t be able to call it a jacket) starting with the hood.  It’s got a thin raised peak and some kind of velcro thing on the back to adjust the, er, back.  It’s also got wires on the front of the hood so you can tighten it up around your chin and look like a real dork.  He tells us that one of the reasons it’s so light is because of the waterproof zips although I think that was just his way of sequing into his narrative about the zipped pockets of which there are two; funnily enough, one on the right and one on the left.  There’s also a hem drawcord and this almost too light to be called a jacket, jacket is available in a version called Mica for the boys and a version called Crystalline for the girls.

And I was right about the absence of any small furry creatures.  Bah.

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