Think I’ve sussed why I don’t like running here, it’s too claustrophobic.  I’m surrounded by trees, hedges and bushes and don’t get to see much of the fields behind them and so I don’t get that feeling of being the only one for miles around that I felt when I ran over the marshes (plus it was always a novelty feeling like you’re the only person for miles around when you’re in an overpopulated part of London) but today I thought I’d give it another go and I had a look on gmaps to see how long the route past the vegetable house is if I don’t go the long way back past Cost Cutter and it’s about 3.2 miles and I think ah, perfect, I’ll do that then as I prefer loops to out and backs and then I think I bet the vegetable house will have eggs today as I’ve been past there practically every day on my bike and they never have any eggs and although I’ve bought some nice flowers from them and some apples, I have a huge urge to buy some fresh eggs from a local house instead of giving my money to Sainsburys, although I don’t even like eggs very much, apart from the gorgeous Thai vegetable omelette I made last week and so I get outside and I go down the road and get to the vegetable house and THERE ARE EGGS THERE and I think bah and I think oh well, never mind, I’ll cycle up there later and get them if they’re still there then and I go round the corner and down the road and the cars are going past me fast and I think maybe if enough cars go past me, I’ll get over my car phobia, assuming I don’t get squished by a 4×4 that is and I get back to civilisation (i.e. Cost Cutters) and a van indicates that he’s turning and I think bah, now I’ve got to stop and I haven’t stopped for the whole of my run and I run down the road and a street cleaner stops to let me go past and just as I get to him a gust of wind makes my t-shirt rise up and I think WAA, I’VE JUST FLASHED A STREET CLEANER but I don’t think he noticed and I get to the bottom of the road and walk up the hill and I’ve done 3.1 miles, hurrah.

Today’s route


Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 34:58
Pace: 11:17 m/m
Calories: 248
Vegetable houses with eggs: 1
Street cleaners flashed at: 1
Nine Inch Nails
Chrome Hoof


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