I was tired when I got up and I thought I’m too tired to run but then I thought I’d feel less tired if I run as I’m probably feeling tired because I’m not doing enough exercise but I was feeling a bit pissed off and I thought if I run I will feel less pissed off because I’m probably feeling pissed off because I’m not doing enough exercise and then I thought I’m cold and so I thought well, if I run, that will warm me up and so I decide to look on gmaps to see if I can see if the field goes back onto the road and it looks like it does so I decide to investigate over there and I get outside and I think oh no, Sean from AudioFuel sent me a new track but I forgot to put it on my iPod but then I remembered that there were good songs on my iPod on the way to Sainsburys yesterday and if it’s good enough for Sainsburys then it’s good enough for a run and Black Kids come on and I run down the road and there’s a woman in a bright yellow jacket walking her dog towards me and she pulls in and stops to let me go past and I say thanks and I get to the field and I see the sheep that haven’t been murdered by the red faced sheep murdering farmer yet and I get up to the trees where the path continues and a tractor comes down the path and I think oh no, not more tractors, I don’t want to go down there if there’s more tractors and after the tractor’s gone past I carry on going and there’s no more tractors and there’s a little pond thing and I think hurrah, water, I never see any water around here, only trees and fields, and I continue down the path and after not very long I get to the road and I carry on the road towards the house and a truck goes past and as I get to the tree and go to cross the road a car goes past and I think oops, didn’t hear that coming, I’d better turn my iPod down and then a truck carrying a skip goes past and I think there’s a lot of traffic down here today and then I go past the women in the bright yellow jacket with her dog again and she stops to let me go past again and I say thanks again and I get back to the main road and there’s two lorries parked a bit on the pavement but not as much as Mr White Van Wanker Man the other day and I get past them without hurting my shoulder and there’s two policemen on motorbikes talking to a man and I wonder what they’re talking about and they’re there for ages and ages and I go home and take a photo out of the window and post it on Twitter and that will probably be the most excitement I’m going to have all day.

Today’s route


Distance: 2.95 miles
Time: 32:37
Pace: 11:04 m/m
Calories: 305
Tractors: 1
Women wearing bright yellow jackets: 1
Lorries on pavement: 2
Policemen on motorbikes: 2
Foo Fighters
Black Kids
New Model Army
Duran Duran
Graham Coxon

One comment

  • sounds like a good run! a police presence always brings some excitement to a run. I saw a guy getting a fine the other day for either speeding or having no helmet on while on his moped-probably both. The police man smiled at us-felt like very good law-abiding citizens 🙂

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