Holey moley

I still can’t sleep here, I’ve only had four decent night’s sleep since I got here and I’m tired but I’m getting fatter and fatter and I need to do something to shift the weight (apart from stopping eating pizza) and so after downing a pint of soya milk, banana, blueberries and pineapple smoothie, I feel a bit livelier and head out the door to the field.  As I’m entering the field I see a little dead animal on the wooden pallet and I think it’s a rat but it’s a bit cute to be a rat and it’s a bit big to be a mouse and I crouch down nearer to get a better look and I think is it a badger? and I think no, they’re big and have a white stripe or something and I decide it must be a mole and aah, poor little mole being dead and I wonder how it got killed and there’s a lot of dead animals around here, even dead squirrels and I leave the little dead mole to continue with his being dead thing and I get to the corner of the field and I decide to carry on round the perimeter inside the fence and I get back to the opening on the road and I decide to see what the field opposite’s like and it’s all lumpy and bumpy and I’m going really slowly and I think why can’t they put a  nice pathway through all the fields, like in the marshes, so I can run faster than 12 minute miles and not be at risk of twisting my ankle and I think this field’s big, I’ll be here all day if I continue going round and so I go back the way I came and as I leave the field a couple walk past me and the girl reeks of perfume and I think bleurgh, that smells worse than the countryside did yesterday when everywhere I went stank of shit and then I go home and think how can I lose some weight and I can’t think of anything so I phone the pizza restaurant and book a table. Yah.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 40:01
Pace: 12:18 m/m
Calories: 284 
Dead moles: 1
Fields: 2
Women reeking of perfume: 1
Pizza restaurants: 1 
New Model Army
PJ Harvey
The Dude
The Smiths

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