On the move

I have run.  Three times.  Two of which I didn’t blog.  But running round here isn’t very inspiring and I don’t have anything to blog about.  Nothing of any interest, anyway. Today I saw a dead hedgehog but I think it was the same dead hedgehog that I mentioned before and I reckon mentioning a dead hedgehog once I can probably get away with before I bore people stupid, but mentioning the same dead hedgehog twice might be pushing it a bit. 

Still, maybe the new area will be more inspiring.  We’re on the move.  And I only moved here five months ago.  But Shaun wanted me to go and see a house he was really excited about because it’s got a 150’ front garden and a 160’ back garden, or something like that and I looked at the particulars and said no way, I’m not living there, it’s got beams and fireplaces and everything else that I really really hate and I don’t care if it’s got a big garden and we went to look at the house from the outside on the way back from seeing a nice house in a crap location and it’s on a busy road and the busy road is very ugly and the house is opposite a pub and a motorbike shop and I said forget it, I’m not living there and I say I’m not even going to go and look at it but somehow in the morning, I’m getting in the car to go and look at the house I’m not interested in in the slightest and we go into the house and nearly bang our heads on the ceiling as the ceilings are very low and we’re not exactly tall, we’re only 5’6 and we look round the house and the house is very unloved and I think the man who decorated my house must have decorated this house and it’s done really really badly and I go into the conservatory which Shaun says will be my office and I think hmm, I could see myself working in here and it overlooks the garden which is the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen in real life and it’s got trees and everything


and we look upstairs and Shaun stands in the bath to see if there’s enough room for a shower and he bangs his head on the ceiling and decides not but says he can raise the ceiling and fit a shower and we look in the bedrooms and they’re very small and the fitted wardrobes in the  main bedroom don’t even open without a massive yank and we leave the house and I say, actually, I quite like it, you can buy it if you want to and we go and see another house which isn’t even a house, it’s a bungalow and although it has a lovely kitchen and is well decorated and not falling apart like the other one, I don’t get any sense of home about it and I say I don’t like that one and Shaun looks surprised and says really? and I say, yes, really, don’t like it, I like the other one and he says ok then I’ll make an offer on the other one and he does this on Monday and they say no, and the negotiations go on for a couple of days and eventually they say yes and hurrah, we’re going to go and live in a falling down house where anyone over 5’6 will bang their heads.

Stats (for the last three runs)
Distance: about 9 miles
Time: about 2 hours
Pace: about 12 m/m
Calories: about 900
Same dead hedgehogs: 1
New houses: 1


  • That sounds brilliant good luck.

    What a lot of garden. You can either bome sel sufficient in vegetables or you will need a very big lawnmower

  • Well if I come over for that drinkathon then I’d better wear a cycling helmet then as I’m 5’8″.

  • That’s ok, we can go to the pub across the road or drink in the conservatory, as that has a high ceiling.

  • The house sounds really cool. And that garden would be perfect for a Veggie barbecue (the barbecuing of vegetables not Vegetarians, you understand.)

  • Oh wow, what an amazing garden! Woohoo! I would be just fine, being a mere 5’4″ but I could never live in a house like that with a 6’3″ husband!

    Good luck with the big move, I hope it’s a better running place.

  • Wow beautiful home! Bet there’s lots of great places to job nearby. Good thing the easiest thing to movie is your ipod (or whatever you use to pump those high energy fitness toons for your workout). I’ve been downloading great audio programs at [spam] and I’ve been having the best runs of my life! Now if only I had a nice running path out in the country…

  • Hi Cindy

    Thank you for taking the time to read the post before you spammed my blog.

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