3 out of 10

After turning up to just miss Shaun over the finish line at the Royal Parks Half (he crossed the line at a blistering 1:37 and I got there at 1:43, bah), I was quite sad at seeing all the runners and not being one of them and so the next day, newly motivated, I wanted to go out for a run.

Except I didn’t as I had a load of things to do, but I did look at races in the future and came across the Thanet 10 on 6 December.

When Shaun came home in the evening I said do you think I can train in time? and he said no, so I said why not? and he said because you didn’t train for the Royal Parks Half and so I said but if I did train, can I get up to 10 miles in 7 weeks and he said yes and so I said I’m going to enter the Thanet 10 then and he said ok but don’t buy your entry beforehand, enter on the day and I said why? and he said because you keep buying entries and then not turning up and I thought he had a point and so I’m going to try not to buy an entry although it will be difficult because I like buying things that I will waste like entries to races I don’t turn up for and clothes that will remain in the wardrobe, unworn, for many years and houses I don’t live in and so today I woke up still motivated and went out for a run and wondered if it would be more fun if I could see where I was going and so I put my glasses on to run in for the first time ever.

Nothing much happened on my run but there were a few dog walkers about and I don’t like stupid countryside dogs as all they do is bark and make me nervous and I don’t see the point of people in the countryside having dogs as they all keep them on leads and the dogs can’t even play freely and the dogs must be a bit pissed off and that’s probably why they bark so much and not happy friendly dogs like the ones in London and a couple of people went over a stile and carried their dog over and I wondered how they carried their dog over as it looked like a heavy dog to me and then another couple of people came along with their stupid barking dog who started snapping at my heels and I thought I’m going to kick your stupid barking dog in the head if you don’t pull it away and they did pull their stupid barking dog away and it remained unkicked in the head and as I got out of the field I saw a footpath I’d never seen before and I wondered if it was because they’ve cleared the entrance to it or is it because of the magical properties glasses have of improving your sight? and I get back to the house and I’ve gone 2.99 miles and so I run down to the end of the garden to make it up to 3 miles and I’ve done it without stopping in 34 minutes which I’m quite pleased with until I realise that I should be able to do it in 30 minutes which means I’ve got to shave over a mile a minute off my time and I think maybe this marathoner’s pasta will help and they also do a triathlete’s pasta too, cool.  (Thanks to Go Faster Food for bringing this to my attention on Twitter.)


Distance: 3.03 miles
Time: 34:07
Pace: 11:16 m/m
Calories: 313
Races not entered: 1
Pairs of glasses worn: 1
Stupid countryside dogs: 3 or 4
Pasta shapes for marathoners and triathletes: 1
PJ Harvey
The Cure

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