Camber and crumpets

I had thought I’d given up running, seeing as I don’t really do it anymore but I thought I’d give it another go, especially as I’ve got a proper wobbly belly now – one of those ones that you can lift up and let go and it flops and everything – and am in danger of turning into a proper fat person.  And although I had given up running, I did run to Oxford Circus tube on Tuesday night, then ran down the escalator, ran along the platform and jumped on the tube to travel two stops to Charing Cross, where I ran along the platform, ran up the escalator, ran across the foyer and over the barrier just in time to catch the last train home.  And apart from the hangover yesterday, I didn’t ache after my little Central London sprint until this morning when my legs felt like they’d done some exercise after not having done any for ages.  Probably because they hadn’t.  Still, I decided to go out for two miles this morning and as I was putting my shoes on and waiting for my Garmin to get a signal the phone rang.  I made a rare occurrence of answering the annoying ringing thing and it was the same old lady who rang last week with the wrong number and asked me if I was going shopping tomorrow.  Last week I shouted at her “YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG NUMBER” and felt bad when I put the phone down so today when she rang and asked me if I was going shopping tomorrow I politely told her she had the wrong number.  She said “oh, have I got your wrong number again” and I said “yes, you have.”  So then she said “are you going shopping tomorrow?” at which point I lost my patience again and shouted at her “NO, YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG NUMBER” although maybe I should have said “yes, of course I’m going shopping tomorrow, you promised to buy me that pink Samsung NC10 netbook, remember?” and then maybe I could have got a freebie.

So after putting the phone down to old ladies who keep ringing me to ask if I’m going shopping tomorrow, I go out for my two mile run and instead of going to the tree and back, I decide to start off down the hill and go past the library and do a two mile round route.  And so I do my two mile round route but it’s not very exciting really and not very comfortable on account of the steep camber although I did see the dead hedgehog and wondered just how long that dead hedgehog is going to be there for, maybe until it decomposes?  and someone in a car beeped and stuck out his middle finger which I didn’t find very charming and that was about it really and then I went home and had hot chocolate and my new favourite 11 o’clock food: crumpets.


Distance: 2.13 miles
Time: 24:50
Pace: 11:38 m/m
Calories: 221
Old ladies ringing me to ask if I’m going shopping: 1
Libraries: 1
Dead hedgehogs: 1
People sticking their middle finger up at me: 1
Crumpets: 2
Nine Inch Nails
Foo Fighters
The Cure


  • Hmmm…. crumpets….. The breakfast of champions. If champions means slightly overweight bald bloke who runs a bit anyway. Can’t get enough of ’em

  • Oh god, crumpets, no, don’t! I think I see where the wobbly belly is coming from…

    I’ve decided to tackle my own wobbly belly by not indulging in such delights for a bit, and by delights I also mean cakes, biscuits and puddings. It’s just not fair!

    One thought, when I first got together with the big fella I gradually put on loads of weight until I was an unrecognisable blob, and I eventually saw that I had been eating the same portion sizes as him and he’s a whole foot taller than me. People say it’s all to do with ‘settling down’ but I’m not so sure.

  • ditto what adele said…OMG, crumpets! love it. i think maybe we are brother and sister seperated at at birth….how else could you explain the crumpets/pizza connection? let me try this one on you…marmite? yeah or nay? i am a big yeah. cheers.

  • Haha reminds me of when we used to get crossed lines all the time on the school payphone, and one day I picked it up and got a lady who had tried to ring directory enquiries, and she asked me for the number for something or other and I said “Look it up yourself you lazy cow” hoho…. well it was funny at the time, I guess you had to be there.

    Now off to buy crumpets as you’ve made me fancy them.

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