Inspiration strikes

inspiration I thought I’d do two miles today and then I thought I’d do three and walk the last one if I have to as it’s time on feet that counts isn’t it? and then I thought oh no, I’ll be going over the field and I haven’t got my trail shoes on, only my normal ones and I think oh well, and I get down the road and there’s an old lady walking down the road towards me and she’s shielding her eyes and I think oh, it must be sunny that way then unless she’s shielding her eyes for no reason at all and I get to the field and I go round the corner and it’s all muddy and I think well, I could do with getting my shoes dirty as they’re almost as clean as when I first got them a year ago and I get to the next field and there’s a dog running around and I’m wondering if it’s a friendly dog and I decide it is and the friendly dog goes over with a stick in its mouth to its owner and then it sees me and thinks oooh, a new friend to throw my stick for me and it comes over with its stick and I stop and pat it on the head and say hello doggy and I look round for its owner and the man is smiling and he’s on the phone and he calls the dog and the dog’s called Molly and Molly goes over to him but then Molly comes back to me and I stop again and tell Molly to go back to her owner and the man ends his phone call and calls Molly over and she goes back to him and then back to me again and I think bloody hell, this could go on all day and I decide to just carry on running and hope Molly doesn’t follow me and why don’t these countryside people have any control over their dogs like they do in London? and then I’m back on the road and inspiration strikes for the second assignment for my OU course and I think hurrah, I know what I want to write but I think it might be a bit over-ambitious and I haven’t even got my results for the first assignment yet which are now four days overdue and I need to know if I should just give up now or carry on and then I’m back on the main road and there’s a Tesco van and I keep seeing Tesco vans round here and why don’t people go to Sainsbury as we’ve only been going to Tesco the last four weeks as they gave us four £10 off shopping over £30 vouchers but usually we go to Sainsbury as Shaun doesn’t like the type of people who shop in Tesco although soon Tesco will be half a mile away instead of 14 miles away and there’s a man getting in a car and he’s smiling at me or saying something but I can’t tell because the sun’s in my eyes and the old lady wasn’t shielding her eyes for no reason after all and I get home and Dermot the dog next door is barking and therefore not dead and I’m looking forward to lunchtime so I can have some more of the nicest soup in the world ever.

Distance: 2.94 miles
Time: 34:11
Pace: 11:38 m/m
Calories: 304 
Old ladies shielding their eyes: 1
Dogs called Molly: 1
Inspiration strikes: 1
Assignment results overdue: 1
Tesco vans: 1
Not dead Dermots: 1
Nicest soups in the world evers: 1
PJ Harvey
The Wombats
The Cure


  • Hi! As a fellow OU student (A215) just thought I would say that you leave me breathless! You have so much energy, and an obvious writing ability and keen observational ‘eye’. Please don’t take this amiss, but is it deliberate that you don’t pause for breath in your writing? Apart from that it’s very ‘readable’ and based on this blog I am sure your TMA result will come back fine!! (I had 79, and now have run out of steam completely, blaming every-day stress and job-hunting but it’s just an excuse really!) You put me to shame so much that I MAY put on the runnung shoes tomorrow and make it round the block!! (not even kidding!) x

  • Hi Ann

    Yes, it’s deliberate as I just write and write and write whatever comes into my head as I’m trying to replay the run in my mind. I don’t actually write like that usually and my TMA did have proper punctuation in it!

    79 is a great score, well done. Hope I do as well (if I ever get my result back, that is).

    Put on those running shoes!

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