At least today I could see the sun

Yesterday I had planned to go for a run but as it was dark until lunchtime, I went off the idea at around 11am and opted to stay in and drink hot chocolate and eat crumpets instead.

Today I was less of a slacker and although my pc weather widget thing said it was only 1C, at least there was daylight outside and so I decided to do three miles on the road to see if I can improve on my time of 12:30 minute miles that I do when I run on the fields.

My run starts off downhill as I, um, run down a hill and it’s not long before I run out of pavement and a car comes down the road fast and she must be a driving-back-from-the-school-run-mum and then the slowest car in the world comes along and I wonder if there’s a five year old pushing it from behind but no, it’s just a stupid countryside person looking down while trying to light a cigarette and I go past the egg house and I think I should have brought the egg box back and then I think no I shouldn’t as it’s the wrong egg house and their eggs are only £1 unlike the egg house we’ve bought eggs from the last two weeks who charge £1.40 and although the week before last I only had £1.50 on me, Shaun wouldn’t let me only give them £1.30 this week, even though they owe me 10p and then I go round the corner and I get a stone caught in the sole of my shoe and I need a hoof pick or something and then coincidentally I can smell horses and I think I must be imagining it because I thought of a hoof pick but then I see a HUGE pile of manure and think aah, I’m not hallucinating horsey smells then but I still can’t get this stone out of my shoe and I stop to look at the sole and I can’t even see a stone but it’s uncomfortable and I feel like Princess and the Pea or something and I scrape my foot along the ground but it’s still there and then I think it must be the seam of my sock or something and I go past a field with horses in and one of the horses is looking over the fence and I want to stop and stroke it but I don’t because I’m a finely tuned athlete aren’t I? and then I go past the place where the horrible little schoolboy shot me with a staple gun and then I’m back on the pavement and I go past a house and a stupid countryside dog starts barking and I jump and I can’t even see the stupid barking countryside dog and then I see it and it’s a stupid little thing, although quite stocky and I think I’m never getting a dog while I live in the countryside as it will be a stupid barking one and then I get to the bottom of the hill and I’ve done three miles so I stop my Garmin and walk up the hill.

Distance: 3.15 miles
Time: 35:13
Pace: 11:10 m/m
Calories: 326
Degrees in Celsius: 1
Sunlights: 1
Downhill: 1
Fast cars: 1
Slow cars: 1
Egg houses: 1
Stones in shoes: 0
Princess and the Pea moments: 1
Stupid barking countryside dogs: 1
Uphills: 1

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  • Shot you with a staple gun?! Shit, I must have missed that post.

    Ah, hoof picks, I’d forgotten all about them.

  • It was when I was cycling so didn’t get blogged. It definitely was mentioned on Facebook and Twitter though. You obviously don’t waste as much time as me on these things.

  • I do (waste as much time as me [you] on these things). But I missed the staple gun thing. I must have been doing some work or something. Probably the something.

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