Return of the slacker

As you know, I hated running in Headcorn.  I hated running in the stupid country lanes with their stupid no pavement thing and stupid holes in the roads thing and their stupid sharp bends and so I practically gave up running there.  Now we’ve moved to Ashford and although there are country lanes if I want them, there are also miles and miles of pavements and cycle lanes.  Miles and miles of pavements might sound a crap place to run, but it’s not London and there’s not a side street every three feet and there are a lot of fields around so it means I get the scenery and I get to have my ipod up as loud as I like without worrying about the traffic.


More specifically, the result is that I have been running on a regular basis.

As I’d practically given up running in Headcorn, my fitness was down a massive amount but when we moved, I found a gym just five minutes’ walk up the road where the membership is only £20 a month.  Yippee.  So with my fitness building up in the gym, I got myself a beginner’s schedule from the Runner’s World website and have been sticking to it for the last three weeks and I am now up to a comfortable(ish) four miles.  I’m even going to be doing the Isle of Oxney Hot Soup Dash in two weeks.  And I’m not only doing it for the free soup (even if I did email the organiser to ask if the soup would be vegetarian [the nice man said he’d make sure there was some vegetarian soup for me]).

So, I’m sorry for the slacking on the running front and the blogging front.  And if any of you nice PR people who keep sending me stuff to review are reading, I’ll review your products soon.

My next run is scheduled for tomorrow and I’m down to run two miles.  This will be done on the treadmill as my gym membership only allows me to go during the hours of 9am and 4pm and I stupidly went and got a part-time job which means I have to get my value for money on the days I’m not working but it’s only a temporary job so I can go back to being a full-time idle layabout in a few weeks.


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