Two weeks(ish) ‘til Juneathon 2010

It’s a sad time.

The lovely Joggerblogger can’t be Juneathoning with us this year so he’s put me in charge.

This obviously makes things a bit less sad though, as it means that I’M IN CHARGE AND HAVE TO BE OBEYED.


We all know what to do, don’t we?

Starting on 1 June, we all promise to exercise every day, whether it’s running, cycling, gymming, walking, or, um, going to the pub (well, if Joggerblogger’s going to bugger off, I’m changing the rules). Then you have to blog about it, either on your own blog, the Facebook Juneathon 2010 page, that I will get going later or on Twitter (although that’ll be quite hard to keep tabs on).

The winner is then decided by an independent adjudicator (I’ll get iliketocount to do it) and the winner gets a prize.

Last year Eating Trees won a cool bronze engraved Monkey statue thing.

Leave a comment here if you’re in, with your blog URL or Twitter username and I’ll do a roll call nearer the time.


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