Juneathon 2010 logo and prize unveiled!

Woo hoo, how exciting. Today I have:

a) the new Juneathon logo to unveil, thanks to the mega-talented [rich] (aka Joggerblogger); and

b) details of the prizes. (Ok, prize. Singular. (Actually, there will be another prize but that remains secret and not just because I don’t know what it is. I do know. So there.))

Here we are then, courtesy of that JB bloke, the new logo.

Feel free to copy it onto your own blog posts. In fact, I insist.

Ok, so you’ve scanned to see what the prize is. I’m getting to that bit now.

Today I got an email from a man called Andy from Fitness Footwear. Actually, his name is Adam but as he addressed the email ‘Dear Carly’, I thought it only fair to call him a similar it-starts-with-the-same-letter-and-has-the-same-number-of-letters-in-it-but-that’s-where-the-similarity-ends name.

imageAnyway, Adam asked if I’d like a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Classics to give away as the winner’s prize* and so I said ‘yes please’.

In case you don’t know what they are or what they look like, that’s them on the left. Yes, I know they look weird. But runners look weird anyway, so it’s not like anyone’s going to laugh at you more than they do now, is it?

I’m going to keep the roll call where it is, so if you want to join in, add a comment to the Juneathon 2010 FAQ and Roll Call and I’ll add you to the list.

(p.s. Today I went for an interview for a job in a running shop. Can you all send either a) positive vibes my way; or b) a big bribe to the owners of my local running shop please? Ta.)

*Legal stuff:

The winner is entitled to choose one pair of Vibram Five Fingers Classic shoes from FitnessFootwear.com. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash. The judge’s decision is final.


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