Juneathon runner’s up prize announced


You may or may not know that I’m a huge fan of Audiofuel Running Music. I don’t know what magical properties they put in their tracks but they really work when I need a bit of a boost, whether I’m out running or in the gym.

You need Audiofuel.

And because you need Audiofuel, I asked that nice young man Sean (not to be confused with Shaun) if he could donate a track or two to the runner up of Juneathon. And because he is so nice, he said the runner up can choose four compilations from their music store.

This does not mean you can all slack off in the hope that you don’t get the first prize and you get the runner’s up prize instead. The Independent Adjudicator will be watching.


  • Great idea I certainly run faster to music on my pod . I hope one year to do the run to the beat event

  • Hi, just tried to log on to audio fuel. Sounds good and may help me break the 4hours. But their site requires flash, maybe you can write them an iPad friendly website.

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