The third day of Juneathon was powered by a banana smoothie

But I think it was a broken banana as I was absolutely knackered the whole way round. I think I must have had too much sleep as I was asleep by 11pm, then wide awake at 6am, but then dozed off and didn’t wake up ‘til 9:15am after having a strange dream about the shouty Masterchef bloke that’s not bald but in my dream he wasn’t a shouty Masterchef bloke, but a Changing Rooms builder type bloke sort of like Handy Andy and I was round his house and it was on the seafront and I wondered how he could afford a nice house like that and then I was having strange dreams about drinking red wine and being a smoker again and in my dream I was really pissed off about being a smoker again and then the people I was supposed to be with went without me and I was all on my own with no way of getting home but then I woke up and had a banana smoothie as I don’t usually have any breakfast and I thought that might fuel my run and I’ll be able to go faster but after .6 of a mile I wanted to stop and I thought oh no, I can’t stop now, I want to do three miles but after three quarters of a mile I stopped to walk and then started running again and I thought of my old schoolfriend Julia who is doing Juneathon for the first time and yesterday, or was it today? ran for the first time in over a year and not only did she run for the first time in over a year, she ran 2.5 miles without stopping and she also did it in 27 minutes which I think is pretty cool and so she is my Juneathon Hero of the Day which I just made up and I get to almost two miles and the Audiofuel girl is oohing her little heart out and I’m still walking and I think if the Audiofuel girl is making all that effort then maybe I should make a bit of effort too, as when she got the Audiofuel gig she probably didn’t envisage it being the running-music of choice for middle-aged women squeezed into running clothes that are too small and so I start to run again and I go down the path and then I’m walking again and there’s a runner running towards me and I don’t want to start running in case he thinks I’m only running because he’s running and hasn’t wimped out and I wonder if maybe he’ll think I’ve just finished a twenty mile run and am just cooling down on my way home and I think probably not and as he goes past I go to say hello but he just looks away and down and I don’t want to talk to him anyway because he’s a ginger and even though he’s sweating like a ginger thing, his face is all white and lumpy and pasty like he drank too much last night and then I’ve got .5 miles to go and I think I really should run the last .5 miles but then it gets to .6 miles and I think I really should run the last .6 miles and so I do.

Distance: 3.01 miles
Time: 37:46
Pace: 12:33 m/m
Calories: 276
Broken bananas: 1
Juneathon Heroes of the Day: 1
Audiofuel girls oohing their little hearts out: 1
Gingers: 1


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