The fifth day of Juneathon I cycled a bit more

I’d arranged to meet up in Polegate with an Open University friend to go cycling. She’d found The Cuckoo Trail and printed off a map, showing a nice easy 18 mile route.

27.5 miles later we’d been through quite a few towns and villages in East Sussex, none of which having any pubs that were selling food or even open in the first place and so lunch was had at 16 miles at 6pm, sitting outside a closed pub eating sandwiches we’d bought in the petrol garage on the other side of the road.


I got home about five hours later than intended and as the train would be getting in after the shops had shut (yes, shops shut here, it’s shocking) I asked iliketocount to buy me some wine for when I got in and so he did a special extra Juneathon trip on his bike for me and so he is my Juneathon Hero of the Day.

Stats (cycling):
Distance: 31.98 miles (including cycling to and from the station)
Time: 5:10:56
Speed: 6.2mph
Calories: 1,279
Cuckoo Trails: 1
Pubs selling food: 0
Petrol garages: 1
Shops open when I got back: 0
Juneathons completed: 5/30

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