On the 9th day of Juneathon, I did my first ever cycling commute

I wasn’t going to blog tonight, I was going to blog tomorrow. But then I started reading the other Juneathon blogs and thought I MUST BLOG JUNEATHON. IT IS THE LAW. And stuff. And so here’s my blog for today.

I went to work on the train and took my bike with me on the train and then I did some work and then I said ‘I’m cycling home now’, and my workmates said ‘what, all the way?’ and I said ‘yes, all the way’ and they said ‘                    ’ and looked at me and I got my map out and asked one of my workmates about a roundabout on the route and the other workmate said ‘don’t you even know the way?’ and I said ‘no’ and she said ‘                    ’ and so I got on my bike and I cycled down the road for a bit and then I cycled down the A28 for 12.8 miles and then eventually at a grand total of 17.64 miles later, including a stoppy off bit at Tesco to get some wine I was home and that is my Juneathon for the day.

p.s. I saw a dead rabbit.

Stats (cycling):
Distance: 17.64 miles
Time: 1:49:07
Speed: 9.7mph
Calories: 539


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