On the 13th day of Juneathon, I did the Great Kent Bike Ride

They short-changed me. I entered in good faith a 35 mile bike ride and my Garmin only measure 33.39 miles.


I got to the park where the start was and although it was supposed to be a ride and not a race and a family event, it was full of serious looking cyclists wearing lycra and on proper bikes, not pink ones with wicker baskets. I felt like I was in fancy dress.

Still, I cycled 33.39 miles around Kent and got a few ‘hellos’ and ‘mornings’ and one ‘OH MY GOD, LOOK AT YOUR BIKE, I WANT THAT BIKE. THAT IS AWESOME!!!s’ and got to the finish line and the man on the tannoy said ‘that’s the first proper bike I’ve seen come through so far’ and I go and buy a nice red t-shirt from the nice lady on the www.bike-events.com stall who says I’m the spitting image of her cousin and then Shaun comes to collect me and we go to Wetherspoons and I have a roast dinner containing 1,039 calories and he has burger and chips containing 1,270 calories.

That’s a lot of calories.

Stats (cycling):
Distance: 33.39 miles
Time: 3:10:50
Speed: 10.5 mph
Calories: 1,099
Proper cyclists on proper bikes and wearing lycra: hundreds
Unproper cyclists on pink bikes with wicker baskets not wearing lycra: 1
Roast dinners containing 1,039 calories: 1
Burgers and chips containing 1,270 calories: 1

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