Things come in threes

After my three day detox, I get up and weigh myself and I’m three lbs lighter and the postman delivers three things in the post (a book , a poetry home study course [ssshh, don’t tell Shaun, but after getting a really crappy score for my poetry assignment on my OU course [which I passed with a grade 2 pass by the way, yay], I am determined to ‘get’ poetry] and my final payslip [which, seeing as it was for the grand total of £54 doesn’t exactly cover the other purchases]), I go out for a three mile run.

I’m not really sure how conducive only drinking juice for three days is to a decent run but surprisingly, over the three days, I didn’t lose any energy or get tired and I only got hungry around dinnertime, which I do anyway.

I get to the path and Black Wire comes on my ipod and it reminds me of when I was first starting out running and used to play Black Wire a lot and go over the marshes and the path is kind of like the path in the marshes as it’s off-road and only has trees and bushes on each side but it’s not the marshes and then I think about how my three mile route has a very varied terrain; it covers a pavement, a cycle path, a path down the park, then back to pavement, then down a trail, then over grass, then up a hill, then back onto the pavement, then another trail and then back out onto the street and down a hill to the house.

As I’m going down the path, I pass some garden furniture that some wanker has dumped and I wonder why they couldn’t take it to the tip, as there’s a tip in Ashford and they must have a car they can take it in, as I think I’m probably the only person in Kent who doesn’t drive and then I pass two shopping trolleys and I wonder why people come here to dump their shopping trolleys and I have just learnt that the plural of trolley is trolleys and not trollies as I first spelt it and this surprises me but anyway, I get to where the usual dumped trolley is and get onto the grass and then to the hill and as my new regime is not to stop and walk up hills, I run up the hill and then I’m in the housing development and outside one of the doors is a sign welcoming a new baby and there’s an amazon packet on the front step and I think now everyone knows the house is empty and they could get burgled and it wouldn’t be very nice if they got burgled when they’d gone to get their new baby and I wonder what the book is and if it’s worth stealing but it’s probably just a How to Feed Your Baby book or something and I’m not a thieving bastard anyway and a few doors down is a house with about ten letterboxes and I think wow, that’s a lot of flats they’ve squeezed into there and they’re probably cheap and I wonder how much they cost and if I could buy one and then I’m out of the estate and I notice they’ve dug the field up nearer towards the road and I hope they’re not going to build EVEN MORE houses as I think we have enough new houses here thank you very much and it’s not like I’m jealous or anything of their nice new houses which probably have high ceilings and stuff unlike this 300 year old one I’m currently living in with all the spindly spiders and then I’m walking and the Audiofuel girl is singing ‘You’ve Got Me Feeling’ or something and I think sorry love, I’m not really feeling it at the moment and I carry on walking and I think I’ll run until I get to the gate and then I think I did that last time and if I keep on doing that, I’ll get into the habit of walking each time I get to a gate and so I keep on going and then at the next gate I walk and then I say to myself that I’ll run until I get to the road, then I’ll allow myself to walk, at least until the downhill bit and I walk until I get to the postbox and then it’s downhill and I run down the hill and when I get to the bottom there’s builders with paint and stuff in the shop that’s been closed for years and years and years and maybe someone’s bought it at last and it’ll be an open shop that sells wine and cat food and stuff and therefore yay.

Distance: 3.00 miles
Time: 36:38
Pace: 12:12
Calories: 292
Three day detoxes: 1
Books in the post: 1
Poetry courses in the post: 1
Payslips totalling the cost of the above two things: 0
Hills run up: 1
New baby signs: 1
Amazon parcels: 1
Shops that might be opening: 1
Black Wire
Los Campesinos

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  • The people at the new baby house were probably sleeping, and the book was probably about trying to get enough sleep when you have a new baby.

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