Belkin DualFit Armband for iphone 4

A long long time ago, I was sent an email asking me if I’d like to try out an armband for the iphone. Not having an iphone and not having the teeniest inclination of ever owning an iphone, I emailed back and said no ta.

Luckily, apart from being a hypocrite and now owning an iphone (baa), I’m also not very good at clearing out my email inbox and so I found the email, and said “hello, you offered me an armband a little while ago but I didn’t have an iphone but now I do, so can I have one now?” and luckily the nice lady didn’t say no, too late, bugger off, but she said of course you can and she sent me the Belkin DualFit Armband for iPhone 4 from her website full of iPhone 4 accessories.

The armband is nice and soft and feels like the velvety inside of a cat’s ear although the website says it’s made from a lightweight, breathable neoprene and not cat’s ears, so vegans: you’re ok.

armband 003

There’s a little slit in the armband and I don’t know if this is the real use for it, but you could put a coin or a key inside there or just do what I did and stick your finger in it and wonder what it’s for.

armband 004

It’s fucking huge. It takes up more room on my arm than my Garmin 301 does and I wonder if running around with an expensive phone on my arm in full view is a good idea. If I was still at home in Walthamstow, then I probably wouldn’t go out with it strapped to my arm but here in semi-ruralness, I decide to take my chances as most of the riff-raff round here are two miles away in the town centre queuing up outside Greggs.

I load up my phone with Audiofuel, Stornoway (who I discovered when XFM played ‘Watching Birds’ a couple of weeks ago and which is now my new favourite song) and Hole and go outside for the first run in about three weeks.

The phone’s easy to use through the armband and although looking at it upside down hurts my eyes, I can quickly put it on shuffle and adjust the volume and then I’m off.

I just do two miles today and considering how I haven’t run or been to the gym for ages, I don’t do too badly and although the Folkestone Half-Marathon at the end of the month is out, I still might make the Ashford 10k in October.

Distance: 1.95 miles
Time: 22:08
Pace: 11:21 m/m
Calories: 194
New armbands: 1

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  • could you turn the iPhone upside down in the holder, thereby making it right side up when you look at it? i have no idea if this is possible; i escew all things Apple. except cider, mulled cider, and, of course, Hard Cider. and red delicious……cheers! gene

  • I tried it upside down, it didn’t really work.

    I used to avoid all things Apple. Now I have three ipods and an iphone. And I want an ipad.

  • You don’t need to turn the iPhone around IN the holder – you just turn the whole holder around. Job done.

  • Duh, I’m not that stupid! I meant I turned the whole holder around, it didn’t really work.

  • Just been offered the New Iphone 4 through work. I cannot wait to try it out on a few runs!

  • Can this armband be used with an iphone 4 with a case on like the Pixelskin HD?

  • If it wasn’t a huge case, then I’m sure it’d be fine.

  • I use the similar application All-in Fitness from Viaden Media and I’m completely satisfied with it – it counts my calories, miles passed, and even offers some training programs.

  • ‘I decide to take my chances as most of the riff-raff round here are two miles away in the town centre queuing up outside Greggs.’ – hilarious.

  • hey, have you tired using it on the forearm towards you ? i avoid using it on the upper arm since i think its pretty useless to have the screen facing away and has you said have to look over your shoulder to see it upside down, on the forearm you can access it by lifting your arm slightly and use it like the Predator touching his control pad 😀 (closet example i could think of)

  • Regarding my earlier comment i think it best to mention for music lovers that a wireless headphone system is the way to go if your using it on the forearm…

    also do you like the case ? im considering upgrading my basic armband to this one because of my concerns with the rain season.

  • The case is fine, it’s comfy and stable enough. I’m not sure about wearing it on my forearm though, that’d be more embarrassing than the massive Garmin I currently wear! Wireless is a good idea. I have some wireless headphones. (Somewhere)

  • Just exactly what I needed! A Belkin DualFit Armband for my iphone 4. I used to leave my iphone at home when I’m out running but now I have the perfect fit for my iphone4 and I can bring it along with me! This is so cool!

  • Well, bought one of these for myself, im happy with it, on the other hand my wireless bluetooth headset died on account of light rain plus the sweating,

    sware to god all these products that say there sweat and splash resistant are false advertising, this time it was a nokia bh-505…

    i long for a truly waterproof stereo bluetooth headset…

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