Excuses, excuses

I wonder how many blog posts will have that as their title before Janathon is over?

Anyway, in case anyone noticed my absence yesterday, I suppose I’d better confess that the Christmas excess caught up with me and I spent the day in bed and didn’t get up ‘til 6pm, then went back to bed at 1am, then didn’t get up ‘til lunchtime today. Which leaves a bit of a gap where the Janathon day 2 blog post should be.


I wasn’t exactly feeling great when I got up today either, with my energy levels being a bit depleted due to my consumption over the last three days only consisting of a mince pie, two Cream Crackers with chilli jam and Stilton, some Chilli & Cheese Pringles, a couple of Belgian chocolate biscuits and a few pieces of pasta with tomato sauce. Not really enough for a finely tuned athlete, eh? but along with my energy, my appetite has also decreased so I thought maybe if I did some exercise my appetite would come back, so off out on my bike it was.

I haven’t been out on my bike much over the last few weeks as, just before Christmas, on the way back from doing some Christmas shopping, I came off my bike and did this


to my knee, which left me feeling a bit sore and achy for a week or so, and put me off cycling, although there was so much snow and ice everywhere, that I couldn’t cycle anywhere anyway, had I wanted to.

But I thought I could probably manage three miles today and so off I went and started to enjoy being out and so when I got to the crossroads, I decided to carry on going straight, instead of turning left; a decision probably not appreciated by the woman who nearly drove into me from the left, causing me to nearly crash into the woman coming down the road in front. I did wonder if this was a sign that me and cycling aren’t really compatible and maybe I should just go home, but I decided to be brave and carry on and ended up doing 9.3 miles.

A proper Janathon effort at last then. Only two days late. In the meantime, you’ve all been putting me to shame, and I’m loving reading the blogs and the comments in support.

Now I’m off to trawl through the backlog of 138 Janathon emails and add the latest victims participants.

Stats (cycling)
Distance: 9.3 miles
Time: 57:16
Speed: 9.7mph
Calories: 291
Janathons missed due to Christmas excess: 1
Women nearly running me over from the left: 1
Women nearly running me over from ahead: 1
Backlog of emails: 138


  • I’m assuming the knee looks a bit better now?

  • I’m thinking that cycling might not be your thing … Well done for making it home without any cuts and bruises this time! 😉

  • If there’s anyting we can do to help with the Janathon admin let us know. I’m sure everyone would be willing to help if needed 🙂

  • Ouch, havn’t had a skinned knee since I was a kid. x

  • I know you’ve sort of got to, being admin and all that but well done for posting today anyway. If I miss a day I can see myself just stopping completely which I know is not good but I hope it will in part be what makes me not not do what needs to be done. If you catch my drift.

  • I nearly emailed you yesterday and said, “COME on Cathy, where are you????” but decided it sounded a bit cocky, so I didn’t.

    The thing about not succeeding in doing what we want to do, for one reason or another is having the strength to still carry on and do it anyway, even when we feel we have let ourselves down. Good on you for getting out there when you’re not feeling too good. (And you are doing it all the time while we are slobbing about I suspect.)

    I have a much smaller patch of bare skin on the palm of my hands and knees from a smash to the ground on day 2 – let’s hope it’s the last of our injuries for January, at least. Look forward to the rest of your blogs.

  • That’s quite a nasty looking knee… hope it’s cleared up nicely. Well done for getting back on your bike!

  • I’m very impressed that you’ve got back in the saddle. I think you’re allowed a day’s leave seeing as you’re doing a fantastic job coordinating all this madness.

  • Definately missed you yesterday…yours is one of the funniest blog, glad you got out there today and anyway you’re allowed off days as you’re doing all the work for Janathon – Thankyou in advance! If I forget to tell you at the end I really enjoyed it (did you notice me channelling a bit of Julia in Pretty Woman there?!?!)

  • Ouch! Hope you’re on the mend now – very impressed by your determination 🙂

  • Ouch! That looks a wee bit painful! And yes.. you are most definitely entitled to a day off after coordinating the rest of us =)

  • Ouch! That looks a killer cut 🙁

    Well done on sorting us all out! Thanks for all your hard work just for us!

    I hate people who seem to think runners/cyclists are able to take on cars while training!

  • 9 miles…nice janathon contribution. love your diet, byt. thinking of adopting it.

  • southcoastrunner

    Auch !!! Sorry to hear that, to be honest, yesterday I couldn´t make it either, these days I´m working from 5 a.m till late in the afternoon, thogh that´s not an excuse, and here in my country we celebrate The Tree Kings´Night on Jan 6th, so I had to go shopping, for all my relatives to have their present. I ended up exausted, this is crazy, people act as if it was the end of the world, shopping, drinking, driving fast, you should be here to beleive me !!!! Well, today is the day I´ll catch up with all of you.

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