Mince pie flavour ice cream

I had to get up early, i.e. when it was still the a.m. bit but I did it and got the train down to Brighton to meet up with Kay to talk about her new book and website and stuff and on the train in the aisle opposite was an annoyingly noisy French girl rabbiting away in French on her mobile but she eventually shut up and I managed to make my fingers work the keyboard on my netbook and got six pages of my assignment done (I thought I’d got ten pages done, but on getting home and checking it, turned out four of them were blank. Bah.)

Upon arriving in Brighton, Kay and I dropped our gear off and got changed at the New Writing South offices and went out for a run. As much as I hate running without my Garmin going, I also hate standing around waiting for my ancient 301 to get a signal (the 405 that the lucky Janathon winner will receive gets a signal in a few seconds. I can’t win Janathon. Bah.) so we started to run Garminless until the satellite locked after about half a mile. We ran another half a mile or so along the seafront (I’ve never run along a seafront before, yay) and then did a walking bit back up to reclaim our gear and get changed before going for a very nice lunch where a very evil old lady stole the sample of Kay’s book that she had given me. Bad old lady.

Then because we hadn’t eaten enough, we went off to get some weird ice cream. I tried some mince pie flavour ice cream and some custard cream biscuit ice cream and I was absolutely gobsmacked that ice cream could actually taste of mince pie or custard cream biscuits! I ended up with half a scoop of mince pie ice cream and half a scoop of chilli chocolate ice cream and unlike the Lindt chilli chocolate and the Whittards chilli hot chocolate, I could actually taste heat from the chilli.

Another walk took me back up to Brighton station where I got on the train with three seconds to spare and ended up once again sitting in the aisle opposite the annoyingly noisy French girl rabbiting away in French on her mobile.


Stats (running)
Distance: 1.39 miles
Time: 20:30
Pace: 14:47
Calories burnt: 112
Evil thieving old ladies: 1
Weird ice creams: lots
Annoyingly noisy French girls: 1 x 2


  • ‘Hot’ ice cream does sound proper weird… tempting though!

  • The mince pie and custard cream biscuit ice-creams sound yummy! Not so sure about the chilli chocolate ice-cream though! 🙂

  • Ooo you’re a girl after my own heart, running by the sea and rewarding yourself with awesome sounding ice cream! Well done you 🙂

  • I too found French complicated matters today – how strange. Although in my case it was self inflicted as I attempted to learn French while doing Janathon and now fellow gym users think I’m a French tourettes sufferer. Doesn’t matter they’ll be gone by February when the resolutions wane.

  • Most days the Garmin 405 does get the satellite signal fast, but there are days I stand like a lemon outside my front door for over a minute until it finds something!

    As for the route, most days it’s ok, but some days it seems like I’ve learn to walk on water – I normally walk along a promenade, 3k one way and then back to the car. One way would be perfectly in sync with the road and the return will be 2 cms (on the small map) way out on the water!

    Other than that, I can’t complain …..

  • mince pie flavour ice cream…..(Homer Simpson Style) Ugggghhhhhhhh! Loveley! Sounds like a good day, Let us know if the french girl appears again she seems to have synchronized with you.

  • See, I think more kindly of the old lady – if she wanted the book so much she had to steal it, then I love her for it. Also, as it was only an excerpt of the book as a whole, perhaps she’ll go and buy the full thing when it’s out.

    Agree about the garmins though, that was very annoying.

  • When I’m queen of the world, I’m banning noisy french girls on mobiles on trains.

  • Yummy sounding ice cream there! Still never tried the chillie chocolate yet, don’t know why. Have you had a bash at marmite chocolate yet? Once you get over the strange smell of gravy coming from the packet, its actually quite nice.

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