Sheep farming in Ashford

On Saturday, Helen and I had arranged to meet up in Tonbridge (with it being 30 minutes from both of us on the train) to go for a run, but a couple of days beforehand, Helen had said she was feeling a bit wheezy and could we just go to the pub instead? I said no, what kind of alcoholic do you take me for? We are finely tuned athletes and must run and not slack ok then, fine with me, we can go for a walk and a look at the castle and so we met up and when we met up, I switched on my pedometer and we had a look round the outside of the castle


but we couldn’t see a way to get inside the castle, so after we’d finished looking at the outside of the castle, we followed the river up to see where it went and it would appear to be a splendid place to run and after we’d finished walking up and down, Helen said we should find a pub and I looked at my pedometer and it said we’d gone 8,500ish steps and so I said let’s carry on walking until we’ve done the government recommended 10,000 steps and then we shall have earned our beer and Helen agreed with this so we walked up the road a bit and I kept checking the pedometer and eventually it got to 10,000 steps and we said yay and went to the pub, then we went and got pizza then we went to another pub and then another pub.

But that was Saturday.

Last week I transferred my gym membership to the one in town as I’ve been paying for classes in the gym in town on top of my membership to my local gym and so I decided this was a waste of money and so I enquired about membership and the membership girl said I could get student membership for £25 a month and this includes the gym, all classes, swimming pool, steam room, spa and jacuzzi and so I thought bargain and so I transferred my membership and had my induction on Sunday and the new gym has machines that I’ve never seen before, not even in my London gym, and you also get a key that you put into the machines and it tracks everything you do which is pretty cool for a statistic geek like me.

So, this morning, I wanted to go to my new gym but then I thought I might as well run, as I’ll be going to my new gym tomorrow for my spin class and then on the machines for an hour until my Specsavers appointment and so I decided to go running through the fields and when I got to one of the fields there were sheep in it and I though uh oh, do sheep bite? I’ve never been in a field with sheep in it before and all the sheep came running towards me and I thought aw, poor sheep, they probably think I’ve got food and I haven’t got any food for them, maybe I should have brought them some crisps or something although maybe not lamb flavour and I’m walking through the sheep field in case I scare them by running and I go past them and turn around and they’ve all turned round to look at me and then I’m out of the sheep field and go through another field and then back onto the road and I see a sign for a footpath I haven’t seen before and it leads up a hill and so I climb over the stile and run up the hill and then I’m higher than houses and I go over another stile and down a hill and at the bottom of the hill is a half-built housing estate and I don’t know which one it is as they all look the same and I keep on running but I don’t know where I am and I think oh no, I’m going to get lost and go on another eight mile journey and then I see a road sign that looks familiar and then I realise I’m only half a mile from home and not lost at all.


Steps: 10,000
Castles: 1
Pubs: 3
Pizzas: 1

Gym inductions: 1

Distance: 3.26 miles
Time: not telling
Pace: not telling
Sheep running towards me: lots

p.s. Bonus points if you know what the title is referring to


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