Boiling in bamboo

I got sent a BAM – Bamboo Clothing Zip Neck Baselayer to try out but because it’s got long sleeves, I thought it would be too warm to try out now as although it doesn’t take me long to freeze indoors, when I’m out running it doesn’t take me long to melt.

But this morning I decided to give it a go, although it looked warm and sunny outside and I asked Shaun to take a photo of me wearing it and he took a photo and said ‘you look quite thin’ and so I said ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LOOK THIN? ARE YOU SAYING I’M FAT?’ and when I got home after my run, I uploaded the photo and yes, I do look fat, so you’re not getting a photo of me but this is what the top looks like.


Nice, huh?

It’s beautifully soft and silky and it’s got thumbloops to keep your wrists warm and to, um, keep snow going up your wrists.

I want to wear the little thumbloop things as I’ve never worn anything with little thumbloop things in before but then I have a dilemma.

Does the Garmin go inside or outside the sleeves?

I decide it has to go outside the sleeves, otherwise I won’t know how far I’ve gone but then I have another dilemma.

What if I get really hot and want to roll my sleeves up?

I decide that I’ll just have to make the effort to unhook my thumb and unstrap my Garmin and roll my sleeves up and then put my Garmin back on again.

I get about a mile and see a poster for a missing cat and someone’s scrawled on it ‘this is why you should keep your cats indoors’ and I think that’s not very sympathetic although my cat stays in but that’s because I let her injections lapse years ago when she didn’t go out anyway because of a local cat picking on her all the time.

After I’ve finished reading the cat missing poster, I decide I’m boiling and I’m going to have to make the effort to unstrap my Garmin and roll my sleeves up and then I see a sign for a bridleway and I wonder where it goes and so I go down the bridleway and looking at the tracks in the mud, it would appear that there’s more tractors go down there than horses and then I wonder where I am and then I think I know where I am but I have thought incorrectly and I’m at the bridge where the half-built housing estate is and I wonder if builders work on Saturday as I try to avoid men in hi-vis clothing wherever possible and I decide they don’t work on Saturdays and so I run through the half-built housing estate and then I don’t know which way to go as it all looks the same and I see two oast houses and I wonder if I live near them and I decide I do and so I head towards them and yay, I’ve gone the right way after all and then I’m at the path and there’s a runner running towards me and I wonder if he’s seen me walking and I start to run and I decide to run on the road so I don’t have to go past him but I’m too slow and our paths cross and he says hello and then I decide to go down the path and there’s a man with an Irish Wolfhound and the man smiles at me and I think ‘I’VE PULLED A MAN WITH AN IRISH WOLFHOUND. RESULT’ and I’m mega mega boiling and although this top is mega mega comfy and would be warm and cosy in the winter, it’s just too warm and clingy for this time of year and then I’m running down the hill and there’s a girl running up it and she says hello and I think she looks familiar and I wonder why as I don’t know anyone round here and then there’s another girl running up the hill and she looks like Miranda and she doesn’t say hello and I get back to the house and I’ve done 2.91 miles and I want to round it up to 3 so I go round the corner and run past the front gate and I still haven’t done 3 miles so I carry on and I get to the gap in the road which leads up to the end of the garden and I think I’ll go up there but then I remember that Shaun says the man at the end of the garden says it’s not a right of way and so I turn round and go back the way I came and Shaun’s leaning out of the bedroom window and he’s seen me running past the house and back and asks me if I got lost.

Distance: 3.05 miles
Bamboo tops: 1
Garmin dilemmas: 2
Cats missing: 1
Unsympathetic people towards cats missing: 1
Bridleways with tractors, not horses: 1
Half-built housing estates: 1
Oast houses: 2
Men with Irish Wolfhounds: 1
Girl runners saying hello: 1
Girl runners not saying hello: 1


  • what??? no pictures? hmmmmmm. rubbish.
    i love these kinds of posts. i get caught up in the tempo of the writing, and find that i feel i am running along, too.

  • So I call you fat, accuse you of getting lost and wear hi-viz clothing for a living…not doing very well, am I?!
    Ho hum.

  • Ooh not sure about all that synthetic material when it comes to running clothes! Are they all they are really cracked up to be? I don’t think so! + Your article put me getting one simply cos I love to roll my sleeves up and get itchy if I cant!


  • Hey,
    Fellow runner and blogger here –
    I too checked out this Bamboo top for outdoor running and gym work (oh and lounging at home!). I have to say that I liked it as an all round top. It is comfortable, practical and aerodynamic 🙂

    Keep running! Luke

  • I must say you think like I think when I am biking!! lol So it was very interesting. I also love Bamboo but have found it is Great in cold weather but in hot I cook. (and seeing I live in Az) I have to wait for winter and then it will be perfect and comfy. Can’t hardly get more comfy than Bamboo otherwise.
    Love those finger loops!

    Happy wonder running!! She2

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