Will run 4 daft running challenges

After running watching on TV hearing about on Twitter the London Marathon (obviously the ‘proper’ marathon, not that silly little fun run that was held the Sunday before in Brighton), I decided that maybe I should get back out running and stop being a gym bunny (or whatever the bunny equivalent to mutton is), especially as Travelling Hopefully has decided to come up with her own daft running challenge where she, me, Helsbels and FitArtist and anyone else who wants to join us meets up for a half-marathon later on in the year and then, as if that wasn’t enough, Helsbels has come up with an idea for an online running club called ‘Will Run For Cake’ (I think the official name involves using ‘4’ instead of ‘For’ but I can’t bring myself to type that) and it’s going to be a proper official club with a committee and affiliation and stuff and if you want to know more you can contact her through her blog.

And speaking of daft running challenges, Juneathon will, of course, be back on this year. There won’t be any big prizes this time but I’ll have a new website up and running soon.

Back to today’s run though. Shaun had shown me a few days ago a cycle path I hadn’t noticed before and so I decided to run down there and at the end of it I ran past a runner who didn’t say hello and then I ran past an old man wearing a shirt and tie and I thought he must be hot and he looked a bit dumb wearing a shirt and tie in this weather although nowhere near as dumb as the man we saw wearing a shirt and tie and shorts a couple of weeks ago but the old man was probably wearing it because he’s an old man and they like to dress smartly and also because he’s an old man he was polite and he said hello and after a couple of miles I’m going down the dusty track and I want to stop and I think I CAN’T STOP, I AM HARDCORE although Courtney Love has just started telling me I’m covered in Loser Dust and then I go past a house where there’s a man stretching and it’s the same running man who went past me before and didn’t smile or say hello and I think A-HA! NOW I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND I’M GOING TO COME ROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND PAINT ON YOUR DOOR ‘NEXT TIME YOU GO PAST A FELLOW RUNNER, SMILE AND SAY HELLO, YOU TWATFACE KNOB’ but then I think maybe calling fellow runners a twatface knob isn’t the best way to endear me to them and then I’m going through the field where the new trees are and two people have told me what the new trees are for and one of them definitely knew for sure what the new trees are for and not making an intelligent guess as he’s the parish counsellor but I’ve forgotten what he said as I was too busy stroking his donkey (that is not a euphemism, you mucky pups) to take too much notice and then a running man runs past me and he looks identical to the non-smiling-stretching-outside-his-house running man except he’s wearing different clothes and I think it must be his twin or something and then I get home and I’ve done four miles and my Graze box is there and also a box with a knitted pig and some little yellow chicks and some chocolate mini-eggs


but there’s no note to say who it’s from and so I Google the return postcode on it and it’s from someone up north and so my detective skills lead me to believe it’s from Travelling Hopefully, so, Cassie, thank you very very much, I love my pig!

Distance: 4.01 miles
Calories: 384
Proper marathons: 1
Runners not smiling: 1
Old men in shirts and ties: 1
New daft running challenges: 1
Old daft running challenges: 1
New running for cake clubs: 1
Unsmiling runners stretching outside their houses: 1
Pigs in the post: 1
The Killers
PJ Harvey
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Avi Buffalo


  • On the rare occasions I read a blog, it tends to be your’s and it always makes me giggle.

  • The official name is Will Run For Cake as I don’t like the number 4 either, I think Running the Tubes started the 4!

    I know who the pig is from, but I’m not telling 😀 But now I want to go running in case I come home to find something exciting, instead of a rubbish national insurance bill, boo. What half marathon are we doing?

  • Aw, thanks Andy!

    Helen, I think Cassie fancies the Robin Hood half. Although there is one nice and near me by the seaside in Folkestone…

  • I also fancy Warrington as it is near me and is by the Ikea….

    Honestly, open to suggestions – I’m still trying to ignore the fact that I’ve come back to the idea AND mentioned it out loud.

  • I know the Ikea you mean as I’ve been past it many times when I lived in Liverpool but Warrington is very north though. Shall we meet somewhere in the middle? Is there a half in Birmingham?

  • There’s lots of half marathons in June in the Midlands.

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