Competition winner announced!

A few days ago I held a limerick competition to win a copy of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

After receiving twenty six brilliant entries, I decided to pass the choosing of the winner to the Independent Adjudicator.

Personally, I’d have been very strict about the meter but it wasn’t up to me and so the Independent Adjudicator has spoken, and in his own words:

Frances Green has to be the winner for the pink dressing gown, despite it not strictly adhering to the limerick definition. Hels was ok but she can’t win just because.

Mark would have won for his Kent based theme but for having read the book and Suzie for name-checking Local Adventures are worthy of a mention in despatches but Frances gets it.

So, well done Frances, you win the book. And well done to the runners up. You don’t win anything though, sorry.

The winning poem, by Frances Green

There once was a runner from Kent
Whose time was haphazardly spent
racing miles through the town
in a pink dressing gown
turning heads in each street where he went

The runners up

Hels’ limerick

There once was a runner from Kent
A lovely free book she was sent
She said, “freebies, ta”
Then went to a bar
To ask for a free beer, she went

Mark’s limerick

There once was a runner in Kent
Round Chatham and Margate she went
Five miles past Dover
She nearly keeled over
And by Ashford was totally spent

Suzie’s limerick

There once was a runner in Kent
Who always ran at 100 percent
So when juneathon came
and local adventures abstained
He thought “I could win this event!”


  • OOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!
    I hardly ever win competitions. I’m so chuffed and am appropriately fanning my face in true girly fashion.
    THANKS guys. I’m looking forward to reading.

    That’s really cheered me up as I’m having a ‘sorry for myself’ day – they don’t happen often, thank god and now this one has been stopped in mid- flow.

    Thanks again. xxxx

  • Well done everyone 🙂

    Glad it stopped your bad day in it’s tracks Frances!

  • Hooray – The winning limerick was my favourite because of the dressing gown reference. But I’m not going to buy the independent ajudicator anymore cake now 😉

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