Er, don’t know

I asked Shaun for a title for my blog, and he said ‘er, don’t know’, so that’ll have to do.

Yesterday evening saw me do an extra Juneathon after my run by cycling to the Good Intent pub 3.2 miles away for beer and food. And what fantastic food and service it was, too. There was a mix up with my meal (they’d put the apple crumble topping on my leek and Wensleydale bake instead of the topping it should have had) and said I wouldn’t be charged for it. As my meal was replaced so quickly and efficiently and charmingly by the waitress, I was happy to pay for it, but the manager refused my money. How impressive is that?

Anyway, after our pub visit, I stayed up drinking more beer and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and once again going to bed in the early hours, only once again to be woken up before my government recommendation of eight hours sleep by someone ringing a bell and telling me to get up as they wanted to go to the supermarket. I replied by saying I was doing Juneathon first and so Shaun went to the supermarket by himself and came back with what appeared to be the contents of the fat bastard aisle. Pizza and cream cakes for dinner it is then.

I said to Shaun I was going to run up to Tesco, then back through the little park to home which is about half a mile but he said I had to do more than that and gave me another route and I said but that’s about two miles and he said it’s about one point eight miles and so I measured it on Gmaps and it came out at about one point six miles and so I thought ok then, that’s probably a better Juneathon effort and so I went out into the rain and the wind and the cold and burnt off about half the cream cake I will be eating later.

Distance: 1.57 miles
Time: 16:11
Pace: 10:20 m/m
Calories: 164
8 hour sleeps: 0
Contents of fat bastard aisles: 1



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