Wind and rains is cold

I was going to go out for a run in the rain but when I got outside the rain stopped and the sun came out and I ran in the sun but then the rain came, along with the wind and I ran past the lake and the water was very very high and I ran past some fishermen and I hoped I disturbed all the fish so the fishes swam away and didn’t get murdered and although I did actually run most of the way, my time was very very slow.

Distance: 6.31 miles
Time: 1:17:16
Pace: 12:15
Calories: 626
Sun: some
Wind: some
Rain: more
Murdered fish: none I hope
Juneathons completed: 18/18


  • Yeah let’s get all the fish out of them rivers and lakes so the fish murderers can’t get them! The weather is changing by the minute, making it hard to find the right clothing for an activity.

  • Sounds like a good run lots of scenary and weathers to prevent boredom

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