Return of the dressing gown dash

Had I not had a friend stay over last night that we escorted to Headcorn this morning, and had I not gone to the supermarket afterwards, I would probably still be in my dressing gown, so the title isn’t actually accurate.

But today’s effort was a run round the garden. But at least I did run it this time, despite what the pace says. I started off doing just the back garden, then went back inside and asked Shaun if 291 feet counted as a run, but he said no, I’d have to run round the front garden too, so back outside I went.

Did I feel like a total tit running round the front garden? Oh yes.

Distance: 0.11 miles
Time: 1:45
Pace: 16:30
Calories: 8
Back gardens run round: 1
Front gardens run round: 1
Mes feeling stupid: 1


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